Label Sentence Examples | Use Label in a sentence

1.if you venture from 'feminine' standards, you are Labelled aggressive and hostile.

2.well, i've got an idea: put the Label "cancer sticks" on each pack of cigarettes, and read it before you smoke. identity was denoted by a plastic Label on my wrist.

4.all the products are Labelled with comprehensive instructions.

5.she landed a contract with record Label emi

6.they thought the feminist Label was too worthy.

7.they are afraid to contact the social services in case they are Labelled a problem family

8.the full address on a stick-on Label was that of a mrs p. r. slater of peterborough

9.the culture has Label death unthinkable and unspeakable region.

10.if you place this parameter at the top with a Label of [_] it gets applied to all the graphs defined in the file. here's an example.

11.a child first Labels the household pet cat as a 'cat' and then generalises this Label to other animals that look like it.

12.the only time that websphere mq requires the Label to be in a specific format is for the queue manager to locate its own certificate.

13.the Label is on the inner side of the box.

14.use a Label in your system.

15.repellents can be applied to exposed skin or to clothing in strict accordance with product Label instructions.

16.i can't bear people who make judgements and Label me

17.the stuff has never been properly logged and Labelled

18.affix the blue airmail Label and leave the rest to us

19.certain estates are Labelled as undesirable

20.he peered at the Label on the bottle. this case, the model's name and icon are reflected in the Label.

22.he'd like 'happiness' to be given a new and more scientifically descriptive Label, to wit 'major affective disorder, pleasant type'.

23.i don't like to Label my experiences but i can freely say that i'm in a loving relationship with a guy whose only goal is to make me happy. was on the virgin Label.

25.according to the symbol on the Label, this sweater should be washed by hand. defines a button and a Label in the first two lines. is recommended that flexo machine users want business card printing and membership card production-grade beer Label is trying to do.

28.too often the press are Labelled as bad boys

29.why do those who were close to the kind of Label. euphemistically called; 'for my good' people are always.

30.'eat before july 14' was stamped on the Label.

31.meat Labelled 'scotch beef' sells for a premium in supermarkets

32.the environment sometimes seems like the fashionable issue of the moment, the right badge to wear, the current political designer Label.

33.someone has stuck a Label on the crate.

34.this changes the button's Label& and completes the configuration for your enterrooominformation form. understand the relationship of these attributes, it is easiest to think of a variable as a box with a Label attached to the outside.

36.expressionism, as a Label, can be applied to paintings from the early years of the century right up to the 1950s.

37.pressure has been growing for the u. s. treasury to Label china a currency manipulator in a report due out on april 15.

38.he had reached over to turn round a bottle of champagne so that the Label didn't show

39.her treatment of her husband earned her the Label of the most hated woman in america., you reuse the previous values for the keyring, certificate Label, and password.