Lab Sentence Examples | Use Lab in a sentence thorough was the Lab?

2.he provided the school Lab to us, as well as the experiment fund.

3.after you have added a Lab resource, you have a variety of methods of managing that resource.

4.this article described how to deploy a microsoft exchange server using one of the ibm pattern Lab automation assets. can select to execute an automation project on one or more Lab resources. new Lab opened last week.

7.its compact table-top size makes it a perfect fit in a prototyping Lab or rework station. the time he was ten, he had already built a chemistry Lab for himself.

9.for our gui-level and web service regression tests, we maintained a test Lab of test execution machines. test requirements and objectives with engineering and other Lab technicians. also shows you how to create and view Lab resources and work with Lab resource reservations and requests.

12.they were trying to determine whether the formation of new brain cells, a process called neurogenesis, was making their Lab animals nervous.

13.the scientists describe development and Lab testing of silver nanoparticles that seem to keep platelets in an inactive state.

14.the framework of a high-performance network Lab as well as its implementation is introduced in this paper.

15.the researchers also carried out Lab tests and physical examinations.

16.the program was a Lab test to see whether it was possible to create a self-replicating bit of software.

17.the script also inserts the data into Lab and division tables.

18.Lab exercises and programming assignments will emphasize scientific and numerical applications.

19.edison had built a chemistry Lab by the time he was ten.

20.where do they go after they leave the Lab?

21.the research Lab does development and poverty studies.

22.i was a Lab assistant and my boss was something of a tyrant.

23.the intelligent security systems research Lab at the university of memphis has built software prototypes that address that weakness.

24.i've spent many happy hours with you in the Lab and the classroom.

25.he revealed that professionals inspect the heavy machinery in the Lab every two or three weeks to see whether anything needs to be replaced.

26.the functions of Lab's reservation and administration have been realized in this design.

27.but sleep Lab data reveal that people consistently underreport how often and how much.

28.results show that the virtual Lab can virtually handle all the demonstration and experiment of image processing.

29.creating a Lab resource group enables you to to track and manage multiple resources together.

30.the Lab technician did some blood tests.

31.'he went back to the Lab', iris exclaimed impatiently

32.samples were stolen from her Lab, and a paper was even set fire on her desk. Lab study compared the performance of mba students with that of computerized profit maximizing pricing strategies.

34.the Lab has recently been updated to allow for more advanced courses.

35.Lab experiments have suggested this might be possible, but it has never been observed in a natural environment.

36."sort of the way you do me, " i said archly. i had carried the equipment up the slope from the hedges behind the Lab shed.

37.this article describes how test Lab management works with rational quality manager.

38.this way you might be able to borrow their old tests, notes and/ or Lab reports. for this Laboratory work includes classes in microbiology and Lab techniques.

40.there should be no editing or guesswork necessary to compile and run your program on university Lab computers.