Korean Sentence Examples | Use Korean in a sentence

1.north Korean leader chooses successor amid signs of more brinkmanship.

2.the los angeles riots reflected the bitterness between the black and Korean communities in the city

3.there are several other analyzers in the lucene sandbox, including those for chinese, japanese, and Korean.

4.the continuing presence of american troops on Korean soil remains a very sore point with these students.

5.some Korean doctors are voicing concern.

6.the departure of the south Korean prime minister was marked with little fanfare.

7.there are many Korean students in this college.

8.sorry, i don't know any Korean, but you can speak english to me!

9.my pronunciation was very 'foreign', but now i can speak with a native Korean accent.

10.when i first started learning Korean, i learned my numbers in 10 minutes with the Korean numbers song.

11.mr. obama and visiting south Korean president lee myung-bak told reporters that new responses must be found.

12.south Korean media are also reporting the move.

13.he also says the north Korean government has placed new restrictions on the wfp's work.

14.the south Korean team reached the semi-finals in the 2002 world cup co-hosted by japan and south korea.

15.qualcomm says publicly that it has no favorite standards. but its dream: that we all turn Korean.

16.a Korean airliner was hijacked by two passengers and forced to fly to tashkent

17.the Korean ship was apparently undamaged

18.'it was one of the worst times of my life, ' says joseph, a pseudonym used byone north Korean who defected to the south in 2005.

19.can you speak north Korean?

20.they prohibit trade with north korea and the docking of north Korean ships in japan.

21.south Korean scientists are proposing a "middle of the road" solution.

22.these words to imply the right to set aside the request, the japanese side can be considered a dialogue with the south Korean government.

23.chinese people have become more interested in south Korean culture& and the country itself, she says.

24.the Korean craftsmen took this artistic skill with them into japan.

25.he had no sooner got his wings than the Korean conflict broke out.

26.the north Korean commentary warned sunday if it attacks, "everything will turn into ashes, not just a sea of flames. "

27.despite the subterfuge of the private lines, the majority of north Korean railway activity is pretty mundane.

28.he said kim will also hold talks with north Korean officials on verifying the declaration.

29.after shooting a 65, he took a quick lead ahead of his south Korean and australian rivals, only to cede his position on day two.

30.prices for Korean art have gone through the roof.

31.remarkably, even the south Korean government is seeking to be done with the matter (in which 46 of its sailors were killed).

32.chinese origin words account for 60% of japanese, Korean and vietnamese vocabulary.

33.dressed with anime-character style clothing and a hero belt, mei-li substitutes jhun foon's place in the Korean team.

34.mr. wen said he was happy to see that tensions have eased in the Korean peninsula.

35."it will take time for that risk to be erased from the minds of the Korean public, " he said.

36.but stylish south Korean and japanese eateries have taken their place.

37.a Korean company agreed to recruit her. but due to the unfortunate experience of last time, she still feels it sort of incredible.

38.south Korean police said thursday they have arrested two men on charges of gathering military intelligence for north korea.

39.mexican and Korean voters are unhappy about income inequality and corruption.