Kidnapping Sentence Examples | Use Kidnapping in a sentence

1.the Kidnapping is reported in all newspapers today.

2.there's been a new development in the child Kidnapping case.

3.she is charged with murder, Kidnapping, and criminal conspiracy.

4.i bet he had a hand in the Kidnapping.

5.but his associates began to frolic in cultivating a friendship with the victim, a simple Kidnapping out of control.

6.Kidnapping is not the only safety issue.

7.reports of extortion, Kidnapping and drugs at a casino on the lao border withchinaforced its closure this year.

8.he is wanted for the crimes o-f murder and Kidnapping.

9.tom was alleged to be the brains behind the dozier Kidnapping. is possible that there is more than one witness to the Kidnapping. can also tell us about the Kidnapping.

12.who ordered the Kidnapping of your son.

13.what's that have to do with sara's Kidnapping?

14.he is charged with Kidnapping a businessman last year and holding him for ransom

15.he was stunned by the reaction he got: a few people suggested that he might have concocted the Kidnapping story to buy time.

16.russell henderson and aaron mckinney are arrested and arraigned on Kidnapping, aggravated robbery and attempted first-degree murder charges.

17.a botched Kidnapping ended with one of the assailants shooting himself in the groin, wichita police said.

18.what happened after the Kidnapping?

19.they've each been charged with child Kidnapping and criminal association.

20.this includes killing, looting, Kidnapping and raping of civilians, and the ambushing and burning of vehicles.

21.i want to press charges: Kidnapping, extortion, assault. january a 21-year-old woman was jailed for 16 months for Kidnapping a child and trying to sell him to a witch-doctor for a large sum.

23.set in contemporary dublin, this pacy thriller features Kidnapping, mayhem and murder. are the principle suspect in a Kidnapping case.

25.he pleaded guilty to aggravated Kidnapping and was sentenced to 60 years.

26.after a Kidnapping, she did the kind of bedrock detective work russian prosecutors would not.

27.many members of the Kidnapping gangs arrested so far have been active or retired policemen.

28.she despised the chechen leaders installed by russia: they looted reconstruction money, she said, using torture and Kidnapping as a weapon.

29.since when is Kidnapping a racial crime?

30.but the court found them guilty of crimes ranging from grievous bodily harm to Kidnapping.

31.the family did not know he was a soldier until after the Kidnapping, the relatives said.

32.monreal said the incident was not connected to the Kidnapping of his officers.

33.when amy agreed to baby-sit kendra edgerton, she had no idea she was stepping into a Kidnapping plot.

34.she was arraigned today on charges of assault and Kidnapping the Kidnapping caused an international incident.

36.come here often heard before the robbery, the Kidnapping of the kind of situation, should we run into a robber's the matter?

37.well, do not discount the power of negative press and death during Kidnapping. are the only witness to your father and sister's Kidnapping.

39.robbery, Kidnapping, rape, and murder are all examples of felonies.

40.we can prosecute for murder and Kidnapping.