Keystone Sentence Examples | Use Keystone in a sentence

1.administrative functions in Keystone define users and projects and assign the appropriate authorization.

2.japan's co-operation was the Keystone in developing the regional agreement. takes the moral selection as a core and the innovative ability& the development of practical ability as a Keystone.

4.a Keystone endpoint accepts two types of credentials: a token or a user name and password.

5.the public life in shanghai alley and pedestrian streets is the Keystone of the study.

6.just as a Keystone holds together a stone arch, pennsylvania was seen as holding together the young american republic. to construct terrain models and their texture is a research Keystone.

8.we hope to see you become a Keystone of the intellectual community. this problem of the counteracted system, the Keystone on jamming counteraction is analyzed and the primary factors which affect the counteracted capability are discussed.

10.the party was the Keystone of a political system that has long been crumbling.

11.note that Keystone and nova use slightly different variable names in their client initializer methods, so i define separate functions for each.

12.the chunk of stone - why did it keep rising in his mind? the Keystone. one pull of the Keystone and the whole wall comes tumbling down.

13.https is the Keystone of internet security and privacy. the classic adjacent exits and entrances, weaving areas are the Keystone and difficulty of traffic study.

15.therefore, xforms can become the Keystone of a highly productive declarative and xml-centric development environment.

16.we recognize that Keystone has been caught up in political gridlock in this country. this paper, the general situation of mountain ecosystem was briefly introduced and the effects of Keystone populations on the degraded ecosystem were discussed. additional service of Keystone is the service catalog used for end point discovery.

19.the Keystone of this mammoth industrial empire was the chase national bank, now renamed the chase manhattan bank. and fair elections are the Keystone of any democracy. they are essential for the peaceful transfer of power.

21.based on it, compared with overseas researchful status of mice tourism, the paper further discusses the intending researchful Keystone and direction of mice tourism. of Keystone's primary functions is to serve as a service catalog. can obtain these parameters from Keystone, as well.

24.that is the ideal condition that i need, its Keystone lies in the experience.

25.the environmental community has tried to build public awareness using Keystone species, like the panda or koala. justice is the Keystone of their political program.

27.presently the study Keystone of the technique is how to improve its accuracy and sensitiveness to measure.

28.each Keystone function supports back-end plug-ins for integration into heterogeneous environments and to expose diverse functionality.

29.our product is combined chinese's religion Keystone and modern technologies.

30.industry is the soul of business and the Keystone of prosperity.

31.Keystone is to study the maneuverability and how to cut out the management technology to reduced cost, achieve the management targets of project in the middle and small software development enterprise.

32.the Keystone of this paper was to establish and calibrate and validate these four new modules. concluded that the shrubby vegetation was the Keystone for the biodiversity conservation in the region.

34.beijing has made renewable energy a Keystone of its energy policy and aims to raise solar power capacity tenfold in the next five years.

35.annotation is the Keystone of the knowledge representation of any natural language processing ( nlp) research.

36.a pointed arch; usually has a joint ( instead of a Keystone) at the apex.

37.nowadays, biosorbents become the hotspot and Keystone of the researches on treating heavy metals and pops.

38.keeping inflation low is the Keystone of their economic policy.

39.currently, revitalizing the commerce railway system has been included in the program of'urban rebirth'as a Keystone. were two guys from one of the biggest pr agencies in the world, blustering around silicon valley like a pair of Keystone kops.