Keyhole Sentence Examples | Use Keyhole in a sentence

1.plasma resides both outside and inside the Keyhole, known as plasma plume and Keyhole plasma, respectively.

2.i looked through augustine's Keyhole, and i saw her standing at the mirror with something shiny.

3.i took a peep through the Keyhole.

4.he looked, but there was no Keyhole. finally he found one, but so small that it could scarcely be seen.

5.the monkey behind the door looked at me through the Keyhole.

6.objective to explore the application of neuronavigation in Keyhole surgery.

7.i knew that he had been looking through the Keyhole and trying to see that if there was anybody in the room.

8.his eyes were ( his ear was) glued to the Keyhole.

9.traces of polymer clay were found in the Keyhole.

10.objective to study the anatomy of subtemporal Keyhole approach, and investigate its value in clinical application.

11.the landlady looked through the Keyhole. every age has a Keyhole to which its eye is pasted.

12.i just saw him Keyhole, new hampshire. doesn't mean he's still there now.

13.the top of the Keyhole nebula, the most prominent feature embedded inside carina, is on the left.

14.the application of neuro-navigation system in the far-lateral Keyhole approach

15.i looked through the Keyhole.

16.clinical anatomy for the supraorbital Keyhole approach in the treatment of pituitary adenoma;

17.furthermore, a technique for quantitative investigation of plasma inside the Keyhole in deep penetration laser welding was developed.

18.she watches intently from her Keyhole behind the door of the forgotten room.

19.his eyes were/ his ear was glued to the Keyhole.

20.temptation is the devil looking through the Keyhole. yielding is opening the door and inviting him in.

21.he took a peek through the Keyhole.

22.they are equipped by most advantage tool, which can be installed in the Keyhole of the bedrooms.

23.i mean, we all see the world through our own tiny Keyhole, right?

24.the boy peeped through the Keyhole to see what was going on inside.

25.try the new key and see if it fits the Keyhole. this paper, the characteristics, classification and problems related to the Keyhole plasma arc welding are discussed.

27.he listened at the Keyhole to the conversation between his sister and her sweetheart.

28.the thief peeped through a Keyhole to make sure there was nobody inside.

29.the monkey was on the other side of the door, looking at the professor through the Keyhole. caught peeping through the Keyhole.

31.let me tell you, that was the last time i'll ever put my beak in a Keyhole.

32.objective to evaluate the technique and effect of supraorbital Keyhole approach for removing tuberculum sellae meningiomas.

33.but we have discovered another Keyhole and another key which can lock the door.

34.objective: to study the curative effect with endoscope-assisted neurosurgery Keyhole operation on hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage ( hich).

35.and when i got to the fifth flight, i peeped through the Keyhole of a door, and there, godfather, i saw you and you had long, long horns.

36.he looked, but there was no Keyhole.

37."i can't see a bloody thing," she said, peering through the Keyhole.

38.the monkey was on the other side of the door and looked at mr smith through the Keyhole. the time i got back, the screams had stopped. i peeked through lefty's Keyhole once again. i couldn't see lefty anywhere in her room.

40.the only black area in new hampshire that has, have to be in Keyhole.