Judger Sentence Examples | Use Judger in a sentence

1.in opinion paragraph of audit report, the word "we think" indicates that it is a kind of judgment, that is to say, the auditor is a professional Judger at the same time.

2.our long-termed traditional teacher-student relationship is actually an unequal relationship. the teacher is the controller of teaching process, the organizer of teaching activities, but also the maker of teaching content and the Judger of students 'achievement.

3.parameter estimation of this method adopts sequential least square method, the thesis also puts forward how to determine model order by using f test Judger, so a parameter saving model is obtained and can be used for forecasting.

4.here a difference value Judger is designed to coordinate behaviors of the reaction and deliberation.

5.the Judger is set in the intersection module of the reaction/ deliberation and saves the difference value between the actual moving direction of the mobile robot and the planed one by the deliberation function.

6.the Judger is the certainly body of interpretation from the matter-of-course angle. and then the writer proposes some suggestions on the reform of present criminal law judicial interpretation system.

7.recommends the definition and the demand of sensory examination of soy sauce, including implement, circumstance and the Judger.

8.Judger had no offices in the united states, so they asked a chinese court to confirm the award.

9.chen yong ren: ok, say with Judger, let him decide.

10.the Judger adjusts the distribution rules of burden of civil evidence according to the legal spirits and basic concepts of fairness and justice in individual case.

11.discretion of measure has not been endowed with Judger in criminal legislation, but it is inevitable in judicature practice.

12.the decoupling is judged by a Judger while no flaw waves and bottom waves are searched;

13.the effective range of visible light identification based on low power led ( 300 mw) can be extended to 3 meters using the designed visible light transmitter optical lens and the terminal electrical-level Judger.

14.after a three-arbitrator panel in july found Judger liable to abboud, a second panel in october awarded damages.

15.the light voice is one of the difficulties that the Judger must know well in the level test of standard chinese.

16.dear Judger, dear teacher, good afternoon!

17.a Judger dealt with cases in time sequence.

18.neural network signal processing and fuzzy Judger are used to signal processing of these sensors.

19.Judger group contended that its shanghai branch had been terminated, making enforcement impossible.

20.master and Judger in 2 operation modes;