judgement Sentence Examples | Use judgement in a sentence

1.he argues very strongly that none of us has the right to sit in judgement.

2.he is a man of good judgement.

3.that isn't a value judgement, it's a fact.

4.the general will is always rightful, but the judgement which guides it is not always enlightened.

5.i'll test my judgement.

6.it is not your own prudence or judgement that has enabled you to keep your place in the trade.

7.the earl didn't have the money or good judgement to employ a steward to manage the place for him.

8.the judgement was against him.

9.the disaster was seen as a judgement from on high.

10.it's very hard to pass judgement on yourself.

11.he could no longer trust his own judgement

12."i think it was mostly anger probably. anger sometimes if you get into it a lot will probably cloud your judgement, " he said.

13.without a spirit of open-minded inquiry it is all too easy to make the wrong judgement as an outsider.

14.you need to be creative and have good judgement.

15.it's not for me to pass judgement, it's a personal matter between the two of you

16.a tide of emotion rose and clouded his judgement

17.it was a fair judgement.

18.against my better judgement i agreed

19.the judgement is often biased by interest.

20.of course, she has no medical qualifications to make that kind of judgement.

21.he had a name for good judgement

22.while he was trying to build a family and rebuild his career, we were all passing judgement.

23.he passed judgement on the accused man.

24.he never had much confidence in his judgement at the fag-end of the working day.

25.his judgement was unreliable

26.doctors are reserving judgement on his ability to travel until later in the week.

27.it doesn't affect my judgement one jot

28.despite the mixed metaphor, there is some truth in this judgement.

29.don't worry about what others are thinking of you-their curiosity might have already overshadowed their judgement.

30.your judgement is sound.

31.this implicit judgement was subtle enough that she could not be called on it, yet it was tangible and impossible for him to overlook.

32.he made woeful and savage onslaught on a poem and a romance which came before him for judgement.

33.she had become so fond of him, almost against her better judgement.

34.their judgement matters a great deal to me and i would be very hurt if they thought i was an unfair and violent player.

35.a simple mistake in judgement was often magnified to the proportions of a major crime.

36.the court is expected to give its judgement within the next ten days.

37.how can he form any judgement of the matter without the figures?

38.i respect his judgement and i'll follow any advice he gives me

39.what he observed confirmed his judgement.

40.when playing you seem to be the type to make firm decisions, were there times when you had a hard time trusting your judgement?