Judged Sentence Examples | Use Judged in a sentence

1.brimelow, as did we, Judged existing soviet drafts unacceptable.

2.some of your youth seek pleasure as if it was all, and they are Judged and rebuked.

3.a book is not Judged only on its length.

4.Judged by the claims of those who welcome the new fiscal austerity, as well as those who fear it, a gigantic fiscal blow is about to land.

5.he Judged the present situation badly.

6.he will be Judged according to his performance.

7.macmillan must have loathed being Judged as a mere appendage to domestic politics.

8.the italian political system has been Judged to be in terminal crisis for decades.

9.the un withdrew its relief personnel because it Judged the situation too dangerous

10.things present are Judged by things past.

11.this resolute focus on inflation has been brave and well Judged.

12.and by the look of the house and the trim maid who opened the door i Judged that it was a sum adequate to keep the widow in modest comfort.

13.i Judged he was correct.

14.these horses were Judged the best in the county.

15.of judgment, because the prince of this world is Judged.

16.the teacher Judged his students have finished the exercises with flying colours.

17.it is not prose but poetry, at least a great part of it, and ought not to be Judged by the rules of logic or the probabilities of history.

18.that was one of the few things his predecessor was Judged to have got about right.

19.a man should be Judged by his deeds, not his words.

20.each case is Judged on its merits.

21.i Judged he had got drowned, and i wasn't ever going to get out any more.

22.i Judged by actions, not merely by words.

23.i will not be Judged by you or anyone else.

24.just be careful of not overdoing it or your words and honesty will be questioned and Judged.

25.she was not unconscious, as could be Judged from her eyes.

26.our policy has to be Judged against a clear test: will it improve the standard of education?

27.the doctor Judged that the man's health had, up to the time of the wound, been good

28.some of your youth seek pleasure as if it were all, and they are Judged and rebuked.

29.they did not always venture even to ask this question, but took an observation of the cap, and Judged accordingly.

30.i Judged them as quickly as a racist would judge a minority.

31.so a choice that we may have Judged as unimportant becomes a very significant life transition point.

32.pug found himself looking at his wife detachedly, as he Judged professional matters.

33.luis suarez and andy carroll's partnership should be Judged in a year's time, insists liverpool manager kenny dalglish.

34.i Judged him to be about forty

35.i never Judged you for being with him, though.

36.maybe i was being Judged too.

37.the evaluation criteria describes how this section will be Judged.

38.we have omitted footnotes which we Judged inessential to the text.

39.i Judged it to be one of the worst programmes ever screened