Judaism Sentence Examples | Use Judaism in a sentence

1.genesis provides the creation story for Judaism and christianity and begins the history of the israelite people.

2.as the first ethical monotheism in the world, Judaism emphasizes the great influence of ethics on belief.

3.they thought that Judaism is not a world religion.

4.what does he mean when he calls for "the emancipation of society from Judaism"?

5.all in all, it has maintained a grip on its adherents which perhapssurpasses that of any other religion, even Judaism.

6.Judaism came into being in accordance with monotheism. every nation has its own peculiar character.

7.the idea of transmigration was never adopted into orthodox Judaism or christianity.

8.it was an audacious if rather unwelcome entry: china officially recognizes only five religions, and Judaism isn't one of them.

9.that's why jews don't go around missionizing and trying to convert everybody in asia to Judaism, or everybody in africa to Judaism.

10.she actually encompasses themes such as Judaism in her last novel.

11.as for his fellow jews, he said that Judaism, like all other religions, was "an incarnation of the most childish superstitions. "

12.hostility toward or prejudice against jews or Judaism.

13.but christianity was the child of Judaism and inherited much from the earlier faith.

14.christianity originated in palestine, in the hometown of Judaism.

15.the place of veiling in christianity is as prevalent as in Judaism.

16.it's a universalism to all that's firmly anchored in Judaism and the torah.

17.in christianity and Judaism, a being composed of a body and a soul or spirit.

18.i was advancing in Judaism beyond many jews of my own age and was extremely zealous for the traditions of my fathers.

19.in biblical Judaism, the word of god, which itself has creative power and is god's medium of communication with the human race.

20.i think i'm going to get more in touch with my Judaism.

21.Judaism as one of the origins of the west culture takes up an important place in human culture history.

22.jewish culture is a culture with introverted character with core of Judaism.

23.Judaism comes into it because of bible.

24.Judaism has never been so important for papa and me.

25.his teaching about light and darkness was falsified by his apostles, who came from Judaism.

26.he was brought up in a family which practised traditional Judaism.

27.maybe some of them had more Judaism than others.

28.sacred scriptures of Judaism and, with the new testament, of christianity.

29.but other schools train leaders in Judaism, islamic, buddhism and other faith traditions.

30.and yet, there seems, still, something especially authentic in mr obama's frequent reaching out to islam and Judaism.

31.being historically related to both Judaism and christianity.

32.moses, jesus and muhammad are the descendents of abraham, making the followers of Judaism, christianity and islam "cousins, " he said.

33.the dead sea scrolls provide information about Judaism and the bible around the time of jesus.

34.Judaism, many modern jews are not religious.

35.in Judaism, studying hard with curiousness is an integral part of worship.

36.the history of judah from that time forward is the history of the jews and Judaism.

37.of or relating to orthodox Judaism.

38.as their attachment to Judaism weakens, so does their commitment to israel.

39.the certainties of Judaism made it attractive in that age of dissolving faiths, but circumcision was an obstacle to the conversion of men.

40.christianity is the result of cultural fission of Judaism.