Jubilee Sentence Examples | Use Jubilee in a sentence

1.subterranean works beneath the tower include the Jubilee line station, an underground car park and sewers.

2.next year, queen elizabeth will celebrate her diamond Jubilee, 60 years on the throne.

3.from the duke and duchess of cambridge's 2011 wedding to the 2012 diamond Jubilee, no royal event would be complete without them.

4.the diamond Jubilee miniature sheet, issued today, is the first time that the official portraits of the queen, which have been used on stamps, coins and banknotes throughout her reign, have been brought together for a set of stamps.

5.here is Jubilee street public toilet, it located at junction of Jubilee street& queen's road central.

6.i wanted all to sparkle and dance in a glorious Jubilee.

7.afterward, guests moved outside for a lights, music and fireworks Jubilee.

8.looks like the queen of england isn't the only one having a diamond Jubilee these days.

9.in this year of Jubilee, let every man go back to his heritage.

10.the enthusiasm which greeted the diamond Jubilee was, of course, especially memorable for me and my family.

11.for it is a Jubilee and is to be holy for you; eat only what is taken directly from the fields.

12.it's just a bit flatter in flavor than the Jubilee mr. brown prefers.

13.he and i are very proud and grateful that the prince of wales and other members of our family are travelling on my behalf in this diamond Jubilee year to visit all the commonwealth realms and a number of other commonwealth countries.

14.we want to make her a presentation to celebrate her Jubilee.

15.and if by these means he cannot be redeemed, in the year of the Jubilee he shall go out with his children.

16.we had a big Jubilee to celebrate the victory.

17.if only a few years remain until the year of Jubilee, he is to compute that and pay for his redemption accordingly.

18.still, some of the personal melons grown in his test fields can develop a texture and balance of flavor that rivals even the best Jubilee.

19.all pubs and bars could be allowed to stay open late for the queen's diamond Jubilee weekend under government plans.

20.this diamond Jubilee miniature sheet is the second of three stamp issues in 2012 celebrating the queens diamond Jubilee.

21.charles told the queen: a diamond Jubilee is a unique and special event, some of us have had the joy of celebrating three Jubilees with you, and i have the medals to prove it.

22.she was nearly heartbroken when he ran off. i guess his return will make a Jubilee to her.

23.but the biblical conception of a Jubilee was more precise: that of a general cancellation of debts.

24.today's shops heave with Jubilee cakes, disposable decorations and flag-emblazoned baubles, letting consumers buy patriotism out of a box.

25.the answer may be to make 2009 a true Jubilee year.

26.you are to buy from your countryman on the basis of the number of years since the Jubilee.

27.an ordinary Jubilee occurs every twenty-five years.

28.'after the queen's diamond Jubilee pageant, the floating olympic rings and david beckham jetting into the olympic opening ceremony, the thames really has seen it all this year.

29.britain and the commonwealth have celebrated the diamond Jubilee of her majesty the queen who today visited the foreign and commonwealth office, her last engagement of this Jubilee year.

30.are the plans for my Jubilee complete?

31.if he dedicates his field during the year of Jubilee, the value that has been set remains.

32.in fact, the Jubilee would be remembered as a decadent farewell toast to america's gilded age of invention.

33.i want all to sparkle and dance in a glorious Jubilee. let us rejoice in our blessings.

34.he is to be treated as a hired worker or a temporary resident among you; he is to work for you until the year of Jubilee.

35.research also showed that traditional events like the diamond Jubilee encourages us to be more formal.

36.the queen is not the only one to celebrate a Jubilee in 2012.

37.now that queen elizabeth's Jubilee is over, the royal couple can focus on becoming parents!

38.every union has its own annual or biennial meeting. an ordinary Jubilee occurs every twenty-five years.