Joyous Sentence Examples | Use Joyous in a sentence the united states, thanksgiving is usually a family day, celebrated with big dinners and Joyous reunions.

2.hope you have a Joyous holiday! wish you the blessings of a Joyous christmas.

4.this book introduces young children to the Joyous celebration of this original african-american holiday. is the color of double happiness, representing Joyous moments, auspiciousness, enthusiasm and prosperity.'s a Joyous time, so enjoy it, dear sagittarius.

7.easter is the most Joyous holiday in the christian calendar.

8.unification and harmonization of the yin and yang energy forces brings the experience of Joyous transcendence and mystical ecstacy.

9.with lighted face and Joyous eyes she persecuted me. came as a Joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity.

11.laura and i wish you a safe and Joyous labor day weekend. the lion began to hear the Joyous sounds of a military march.

13.and why is it that as we grow older we seem to lose that Joyous intimation of something beyond, something of greater significance?

14.our beloved brothers and sisters, what a Joyous, exciting time this is for all of us!

15.every cell of my body is filled with an infinite Joyous energy.

16.the food was consumed with Joyous abandon.

17.and is a life a Joyous event if it has caused nothing but grief?

18.what i discovered was one of the most charming, Joyous films i've seen in a long time.

19.the poem is a Joyous affirmation of the power of love.

20.convey the Joyous news to her as soon as possible, please. should have been a Joyous occasion, a time to celebrate a program that has brought dignity and decency to the lives of older americans.

22.after a Joyous and restful three days, i left this beautiful city.

23.many blessings on this most Joyous of days.

24.i wish my Joyous, beautiful, enthusiastic, healthy, self-confident and energetic friend a happy birthday! the Joyous science, nietzsche puts the news of god's death into the mouth of a madman.

26.i spread my arms wide and felt Joyous and exalted and free.

27.and that was the first of the many Joyous evenings they had with wendy.

28.this is truly a Joyous time. congratulations and good luck.

29.she had made their childhood so Joyous and carefree. year's eve is called hogmanay in scotland and is an occasion for much Joyous and noisy celebration.

31.then he began to sing in clear, Joyous tones a little song that he himself had composed.

32.what joanne sends out with her really useful attitude comes back to her a thousandfold and becomes a Joyous, self-fulfilling reality.

33.she hated london now, and the flat, the room must be horribly bare without the Joyous presence of gerald.

34.they conveyed the Joyous news to us soon. the other side where the old bucket was carried. there was a Joyous row of wild flowers, leading all the way to the garden.

36.i wanted it to feel happy and Joyous. will be a time of miracles and thanksgiving! a time when your trek through the wilderness comes to a most Joyous conclusion!

38.she treasures her memories of those Joyous days.

39.let us sing together, one and all a Joyous song.