Joined Sentence Examples | Use Joined in a sentence

1.all of us Joined lustily in the chorus.

2.i had an idea that he Joined the army later, but i may be wrong.

3.he Joined the professional circuit

4.he had a fascination for submarines and Joined this branch of the service. desperation i Joined a physical exercise class.

6.she Joined a dance company which took her around the world.

7.the following year she Joined the royal opera house.

8.he has Joined the side of the liberals.

9.last month, 370,000 americans Joined the ranks of the unemployed

10.caroline Joined them on the shopping expeditions.

11.hawkins Joined up with mick in malaga, and the two went touring around the countryside

12.martins revealed the prospect of teaming up with owen was one of the main reasons he Joined newcastle.

13.podulski had Joined the u.s. navy as an aviator, adopting a new country and a new profession.

14.some local residents Joined the students 'protest

15.he Joined the army in february 1943

16.she rolled up her sleeves and Joined us in the work.

17.betwixt the hut and the fence, on the back side, was a lean-to that Joined the hut at the eaves, and was made out of plank.

18.i watched as he got a tray and Joined the queue

19.when hostilities broke out he returned to england and Joined up.

20.i could feel it now flowing from me to you and back to me again, Joined everywhere, complete, like a harbor against all tempests.

21.they were Joined by a newcomer who came striding across a field

22.the move had been widely predicted, but such was the midfielder's desire to return home he Joined earlier than had been expected.

23.the house is Joined ( on) to the one next door by the wall.

24.he was a country boy who had Joined the army out of a sense of patriotism and adventure

25.yes, a month ago. my girlfriend had to go for work so i Joined her. we were only there a week, but it was awesome!

26.teachers have Joined a strike aimed at forcing the government to pay overdue salaries and allowances.

27.the governors were Joined by mr hunter and his management team.

28.after returning from france, he Joined the army

29.they Joined with a ramshackle alliance of other rebels.

30.thousands of victorian workers Joined educational associations in an attempt to better themselves.

31.they Joined with the monarchists to insert a clause calling for a popular vote on the issue.

32.i Joined the workers on strike and was rapped over the knuckles was only a week after the annan plan failed that cyprus Joined the eu as a divided island.

34.a computer modeling study shows the event might have taken place where a river Joined a coastal lagoon along the mediterranean sea.

35.still, one early employee told us that if it weren't for lefkofsky's backing, he never would have Joined the point.

36.i Joined a dating agency.

37.the two policemen were Joined by another policeman also carrying a pistol.

38.also, i remember how much you help me when i first Joined the company.

39.'first city' Joined a long list of failed banks.