Jog Sentence Examples | Use Jog in a sentence

1.then Jog for a minute to recover and run for 30 seconds again, this time trying to increase the count by one.

2.people enjoy skiing and skating in winter and picnic and Jog in summer.

3.did you Jog this morning?

4.i can Jog to school in the morning and play ball games after school.

5.i like to go for a Jog after work.

6.middle-aged folks work out in gyms and Jog down the street, trying to delay the effects of age.

7.they set off at a Jog up one street and down another

8.i Jog five miles a day.

9.every morning, rain or shine, i Jog for40 minutes.

10.the morning person like to Jog on the sands and i found a woman rided this kind of bicycle. start with, he walked in the park for a while every morning, and then a month later he began to Jog.

12.are you coming for a Jog tomorrow morning?

13.matters Jog along somehow.

14.when you Jog in the woods, you may feel calm and cheerful.

15.i like Jogging, but the problem is finding time to Jog, or to swim or play tennis.

16.police have planned a reconstruction of the crime tomorrow in the hope this will Jog the memory of passers-by.

17.your uncle jerry took them to Jog.

18.adonis had them all do some stretching followed by a light Jog around the pitch. while they were gone he walked over to me. it a Jog dialer or it just stays in one position?

20.if it happens to be bruno, i let him in without a word and then Jog back to bed, the roar of the invisible crowd ringing in my ears.

21.i usually Jog for half an hour in the morning.

22.i got up early the next morning to Jog you Jog more than once a week?

24.the very first day you go out and Jog seven miles.

25.we must Jog on somehow until business conditions improve.

26.he joked that he would not like to take jacobson's challenge to reporters earlier in the day to a six-mile Jog around the airport. about a Jog in the rain?& i think i'll pass.

28.i Jog before breakfast.

29.let's Jog for another mile.& i'll try, but i am running out of steam. if to forestall any more questions, he began to Jog through the sand.

31.i Jog every morning before breakfast.

32.avoid Jogging the camera.

33.he could scarcely Jog around the block that first day.

34.suddenly he slowed his long, effortless Jog trot up to the steep.'s too wet to Jog. so we'll go swimming instead.

36.instead of stopping at the end of the lope, i decided to see if i could just Jog to the end of the street.

37.i hear you Jog every day.

38.go for a Jog with some friends-or your dog!

39.i like to Jog in the evening.

40.just a few weeks ago, barack obama's re-election bid was beginning to look like an easy downhill Jog.