Jeweler Sentence Examples | Use Jeweler in a sentence

1.if not, you can take them to a Jeweler to have a new cord replace the old one.

2.the Jeweler left the room only after all her jewelry was casketed.

3.she fancied a necklace that she had seen in the Jeweler's window.

4.the next day mother took a walk on fifth avenue, and paused to glance at an elegant Jeweler' s display. nephew found a few dewdrops on the jewish Jeweler 's jewel .

6.the Jeweler showed the necklace to the customer.

7.he went into a Jeweler's in old clothes. he found there was a nice diamond one in a beautiful glass-tapped table in the center of the shop.

8.your pearl necklaces and bracelets should be professionally restrung by a Jeweler every other year or once a year if you wear them often. of them, a slender young man with white hands, the son of a Jeweler in winesburg, talked continually of virginity.

10.the thieves got away from the Jeweler's with a good haul.

11.the Jeweler cuts the metal band, inserts a new piece of metal in the gap.

12.for a time the tall dark girl thought she would marry the Jeweler's son.

13.tell the court Jeweler to stop sending diamonds.

14.i'll have to find a reputable Jeweler.

15.when he had finished his training he returned to his native town and set up as a Jeweler.

16.the individual parts then are soldered together, and the Jeweler may mount a diamond or other gem or may engrave a design into the metal.

17.the thief walked off with a gold ring from the Jeweler shop.

18.he talked so much about jewels that they thought he was a Jeweler, too.

19.jack: i went to a Jeweler and i had a replica made, that's how.

20.the Jeweler was able to dig up the ring we wanted.

21.i can't be the only woman who isn't wearing Jeweler.

22.jack's father was a Jeweler.

23.i wanted to give her a gift as profound as the one the Jeweler had given his family that day& the gift of his loving gaze and touch., sir, replied the Jeweler, about three whistles. a jewelry store, a young man bought an expensive locket as a present for his girlfriend. "shall i engrave her name on it?" the Jeweler asked.

26.the diamond passed the scrutiny of the Jeweler.

27.the diamond was formerly owned by Jeweler harry winston.

28.and the Jeweler told me it was worth$ 40000.

29.i'm gonna take you back to the Jeweler.

30.i paid the Jeweler to repair my watch.

31.first, he went to a Jeweler friend of his and paid a low price for a very valuable gold ring, with a beautiful red ruby in it.

32.we'd been invited to a ball at the palace, so i needed to borrow some Jeweler.

33.what happened to the nearsighted Jeweler when he was eating grapes?

34.the xidan wedding mall in the heart of beijing offers three floors of dress makers, Jeweler merchants and photo studios.

35.displayed in the Jeweler's shop window attract many ladies.

36.i am living in australia and beiing. i am a Jeweler.

37.but there's another thing, pierre. i have no Jeweler to wear.

38.the Jeweler examined the stone and told miss lin that it was real.