Jerk Sentence Examples | Use Jerk in a sentence know, if trent's such a Jerk, why do you hang out with him? know what you've done, you Jerk!

3.the knife was stuck on the chopping block but she pulled it out with a Jerk.

4.until i fell in love with a Jerk.

5.but she turned down the offer because of her long-term plans and a desire to avoid knee-Jerk decisions based on what commodity is hot.

6.i also know you were a Jerk.

7.i shit in the woods, but i can't Jerk off.

8.she said she thinks you are a Jerk. stupid Jerk! you've just spilled beer all down my new shirt!

10.if you think i'm such a Jerk, how come you came here?

11.see that man across the street? the one who's shouting and yelling at the little girl? he must be a real Jerk.

12.teacher: hey! we're trying to do a little "romeo and juliet" here! we don't need no insensitive Jerk, messing it up. your dreams ! i'm out of here . you know, you're a real Jerk ! i'm going to tell all the girls at the office about you .

14.are you seeing that Jerk again? i don't know what you see in him at all.

15.i can't see your face, you Jerk.

16.don't Jerk me around, mr crook

17.the bus has stopped with a Jerk.

18.and this is what i get? you Jerk.

19.i felt a Jerk on my sleeve, then realized it was just a tree branch.

20.there was a Jerk as the boat bumped against something griffin Jerked forward in his chair

22.that you might come here and not be a Jerk.

23.eleanor Jerked her wrist free

24.mike kept snatching him up by the collar and Jerking him up

25.i saw you in the park with another girl last night, you big Jerk!

26.i think he's a Jerk, too.

27.foley raised his chin and Jerked his neck as if his collar were too tight. most people, i suppose, i try to avoid seeming like a Jerk.

29.i want to tell him that he's a Jerk. gave me chlamydia, you Jerk.

31.with all careers, we wanted to give the players a little bit of freedom to be great to their customers (or to be a bit of a Jerk). not let them Jerk you around.

33."that would be a bit of a knee-Jerk reaction, " mr. bale said. "this is a historical piece. "

34.the car Jerked to a halt

35.'this is brady coyne,' said sam, Jerking his head in my direction

36.i know at first i was kind of a Jerk.

37.try not to Jerk the camera when you take a photograph.

38.on a couple of occasions, i have had someone in the audience who wants to be a Jerk trying to discredit me, but that's been the exception. wouldn't call him a Jerk if he was here.

40.i take the paper between two fingers and Jerk it out of his hand.