Isochronal Sentence Examples | Use Isochronal in a sentence

1.a new method for processing of modified Isochronal well test data in low permeability gas reservoir

2.approach for special modified Isochronal well testing

3.the modified Isochronal test is a most commonly used method for low permeability gas reservoirs.

4.a discussion on application of combination of modified Isochronal test and short period production test

5.modified Isochronal well test plays an important role in productivity evaluation of gas field.

6.a new analysis method of modified Isochronal test data

7.the study of this paper provides sufficient evidences for the design of modified Isochronal testing and makes its application more effective. superposition principle, the theoretical deduction to modified Isochronal testing data drives a linear relationship equation.

9.a study on the arranging method for modifying Isochronal well test data

10.main knowledge obtained as follows: 1. established the high accuracy Isochronal stratigraphic framework of study area, analyzed the distribution of depositional system and characterization of vertical evolvement of interested bed beyond the Isochronal stratigraphic framework.

11.according to the pull-out creep curves, isochronous force-displacement curves have been drawn. the secant rigidities of the Isochronal curves at any moment have been calculated, and the relationship between the rigidity and time has also been analyzed.

12.a new testing method of gas well potential: backpressure Isochronal test

13.interpretation of modified Isochronal well test data with bottom hole liquid loading

14.under the Isochronal high-resolution sequence stratigraphy, through the comprehensive analysis of several properties of geological facies, the lateral and spatial distribution patterns of each individual sequence cycle and sand has been cleared.

15.the real time implementation of ld-celp coding ④ delayed r Isochronal lines.

16.several testing procedures are introduced in this paper, such as systematic well testing, Isochronal well testing, modified Isochronal test, and single point test.

17.application of modified Isochronal testing to performance analysis of gas reservoirs this paper, the new method for processing of modified Isochronal well test data for low permeability gas field was established. by application and case comparison, the results show that this method is more accurate and reliable than existing conventional approaches.

19.that one coupling delay could be seen as feedback delays has been presented in the system with two mutual time-delayed couplings. the condition and law for Isochronal chaos synchronization have been revealed in the system of semiconductor lasers with multiple mutual time-delayed couplings. fact, it is an origin unit analysis techniques of oil/ gas sequences in Isochronal formation framework.

21.consequently, the strict Isochronal swing as the solution of variation is obtained.

22.we established the Isochronal stratigraphic framework of fuyu oil reservoir.

23.prediction on the characteristics of isothermal annealing by using Isochronal annealing data

24.firstly, the gauss principle of the system and non Isochronal variation are presented.

25.finally, Isochronal facies-restrained stochastic modeling method is used to build up the 3-d reservoir model.

26.according to this problem, this paper proposes a modified Isochronal well test with bottom hole liquid loading.

27.this paper focuses on the process of building the reservoir model bound by faults and stratums, and employs the well-log tomography to generate Isochronal slice so as to realize the 3d visualization of log and reservoir. of Isochronal annealing behavior of neutron irradiated hydrogen fz silicon by positron annihilation

29.modified Isochronal test and its application in high temperature and high pressure condensate gas reservoirs in tahe oilfield

30.the minimum sailing time sector can be evaluated by using the method of Isochronal sailing.

31.the theory analysis of abnormal producibility phenomenon of modified Isochronal test in low permeability gas reservoir

32.delayed r Isochronal lines.

33.the long term strength has gotten from the Isochronal curves.