Ironing Sentence Examples | Use Ironing in a sentence

1.she mucked in with the chores and did her own washing and Ironing

2.being fit for Ironing trousers different specifications. was in the beginning, when we were still Ironing out problems

4.then iron the rest of the front of the shirtfront in sections, smoothing the fabric across the Ironing board.

5.she's done her own Ironing and she's dressed and she's drying her hair.

6.he hates doing the Ironing.

7.mother is Ironing father's shirts.

8.he's started Ironing his own shirts. i thought about him while i was Ironing one evening, it suddenly occurred to me that i too, would like to have a wife.

10.because they're too big to fit on the Ironing board!

11.then button it up carefully and lay it with the front side down on the Ironing board .

12.i'd be glad if the boys slept a little longer so i could do some Ironing.

13.she is Ironing the clothes.

14.all of my clothes are easy to wash or can be hand-washed, and tumble dried and don't need Ironing.

15.irons and Ironing boards or their equivalent.

16.i've practically finished the Ironing. for stability of Ironing roll for high speed foil mill;

18.mama looked up from her Ironing board and asked, "how much does it cost? "

19.i'll be Ironing the clothes.

20.she's been Ironing all afternoon.

21.the work of Ironing washed clothes.

22.she has started taking in Ironing.

23.this kept her busy sewing and Ironing all day, leaving her little time to do her other chores. should damp clothes before Ironing them. has function of hammering and electric heating Ironing.

26.the dress is full of creases and needs Ironing. is also the place where i do folding and Ironing of their clothes.

28.apl is one of only a handful of carriers currently cold-Ironing in california, and the only one in oakland.

29.spray it a little wet may help Ironing out the wrinkles.

30.actually running a household sort of takes the novelty out of pretending to make dinner, do the Ironing, and tidy the kitchen. i had finished Ironing your shirt before you got up.

32.tom:? Ironing? i think i'll need my mom's help!

33.he says, yesterday i was Ironing a shirt when the phone rang!

34.she had spent the morning in washing and Ironing these garments.

35.i work at a laundry Ironing shirts.

36.the maid scorch the shirt in Ironing it.

37.i scorched my shirt when i was Ironing it.

38.believes lunar mining should not be attempted before Ironing out a few technical and legal issues.

39.a few things still need Ironing out but overall this was one of the best hotels we have stayed in.

40.two rollers increase Ironing speed, ensuring flat fabric that is ironed.