iron out Sentence Examples | Use iron out in a sentence

1.we have to try and iron out these inequalities.

2.the british interior ministry says it's working closely with the governments in baghdad to iron out the issues behind this.

3.i'll need a couple of weeks to iron out the problems with the machine.

4.could you iron out the wrinkles in my dress? vidic's defence, his partnership with ferdinand has been badly disrupted by injury and the pair are too good not to iron out their present difficulties.

6.will you iron out the wrinkles in this skirt?

7.we have a lot more details to iron out.

8.the power sharing arrangement set up in bonn and begin to iron out at least some of the inequalities in representation.

9.but both sides kept finding fresh details to iron out.

10.try to iron out any friction over money with your mate or conflicts could prevail. merely remains to iron out the delails of the plan. enables us to iron out the natural problems.

13.with the full'chaste'moon illuminating your chart's romance and creativity sector, now's the time to think carefully about some of your loved ones and to iron out any difficulties with them.

14.i think we can iron out any differences we may have in our next meeting.

15.we will continue to improve and develop our relations with developed countries and, on the basis of the five principles of peaceful coexistence, broaden the area of common interests and appropriately iron out differences.

16.iron out the wrinkles.

17.should we iron out the existing problems before more plants are built?

18.only this way can the two sides understand each other better and iron out mutual misunderstanding.

19.they used a steam roller to iron out the road.

20.the health center is a valuable development tool that helps you iron out performance issues, memory leaks, and inefficient code before problems surface in production.

21.he expects to iron out these difficulties at a special conference next week.

22.a proven formula to iron out the creases is back - and it's better than before. . .

23.we'll iron out the details when i come over later.

24.she patted the front of her dress as if to iron out any wrinkles.

25.the company systematically uses public beta tests to iron out kinks in upcoming games.

26.server points to the script or executable to run, while log_type specifies additional logging to help iron out any wrinkles in the service.

27.however, in the past few weeks the two groups have managed to iron out most of the remaining problems, according to a person close to the matter.

28.they're meeting in berlin to iron out the final details of the contract.

29.the geronimo developers took as much time as needed to iron out these details in their negotiations with ibm for the sale of gluecode.

30.there are still a lot of wrinkles to iron out before the agreement can be signed.

31.i will if the manager and i can iron out a contract.

32.the wells are equipped with filters to screen iron out of the water as it is pumped.

33.unless we succeed in these three aspects of work, it will be impossible to iron out this historical estrangement or rift.

34.the various groups had now managed to iron out their differences.

35.the conflict has distracted asian leaders as they prepare to iron out a global deal on currency policy for the g-20 meeting in seoul.

36.acne may be cured by a simple light treatment, first developed to iron out wrinkles, as demonstrated.