Iritis Sentence Examples | Use Iritis in a sentence

1.there were no complications such as Iritis, iop rising, breakup of anterior vitreous membrane, cystoid macular edema and retinal detachment 1 week and 1 month postoperatively.

2.120 cases ( 62%) developed Iritis;

3.a histological study on peripheral iris in primary glaucoma and quiet Iritis signs of Iritis, ptosis, or ocular movement limits were found.

5.the restore of recipient corneal transparency had nothing to do with the depth of corneal defect, conjunctival hyperemia and oedema, Iritis, corneal neovascularization and the contraction during the course of remolding.

6.the major complication was corneal endothelial edema, Iritis, posterior capsule opacity and pupillary capture. complications were corneal edema, reactive Iritis, residuals of anterior capsule, corneal astigmatism opacities of posterior capsule, decentering and dislocations of intracular lens.

8.diabetes, Iritis, glaucoma are danger reasons of iris microcirculation damage.

9.the main postoperative complications included corneal edema and Iritis.

10.the eye fatigue refers to the vision fatigue, which can be produced by various causes such as ceratitis, conjunctivitis, Iritis, hypertension, hypotension, poor health, anxiousness, neurasthenia, ametropia, dominant and recessive strabismus, incorrect glasses fitting, etc.

11.after the operation common complications are corneal endothelial edema, and iris entrapment Iritis and also posterior capsule muddy, cystoid macular edema and so on.

12.there are corneal edema, Iritis and soon. posterior capsular opacification is the major cause of eyesight reduction.

13.37 clinics of the western medicine and chinese traditional medicine treatment bruise Iritis report the way

14.interflow between ancient china and central asian steppes through gold the early postoperative complications included corneal edema and Iritis;

15.the main extra-articular manifestations of as were enthesitis, Iritis or iridocyclitis, urinary tract symptoms and chronic diarrhoea, which might offer clues for the diagnosis.

16.forming property in sheet metal stamping histology of the iris in quiet Iritis

17.iris location the Iritis sphincter and pupil enlarging muscle can regulate the size of the pupil quickly.

18.only after the fifth injection general reaction was found in 43%, which included Iritis and complaints of numbness in the fingers and toes, which might decrease its usefulness.