Intersection Sentence Examples | Use Intersection in a sentence

1.the realization of single-like resection, as well as three-dimensional, like the front of the Intersection.

2.the first order hidden equation integral curve's Intersection has been studied through the example.

3.each cell shows an Intersection of two modules and a count of the dependencies between them.

4.the Intersection of the longest paths is discussed. the detection and the media Intersection, we saw to is national and public's relations.

6.based on the analysis, determine the unicity of point of tangency and point of Intersection.

7.a new method to judge the visibility for line and plane Intersection is presented.

8.instead of a four-way Intersection with traffic lights, a circular bit of road appeared.

9.a car and a motorcycle collided at the Intersection.

10.( geometry) a curve generated by the Intersection of a plane and a circular cone.

11.given the two points, one can construct the points of Intersection of the line and the circle.

12.however, the trees at the top right are situated close to the Intersection of the image, along with the large boulder on the bottom left.

13.what sorts it out is the next stage of Intersection, which produces the matched alternatives.

14.then, we introduce a single Intersection and coordination of the basic theories and methods of control.

15.the Intersection of the q1-and the q2 surfaces, defines a curve.

16.the gas content is often low near the regional faults or in the Intersection part of the regional faults.

17.thus a boundary object provides a kind of Intersection where different points of view converge.

18.collided with a local man at an Intersection.

19.after the Intersection, the road narrows, so be careful.

20.but i have to call you to help me, since i am blocking the traffic in a major Intersection. i am making a traffic jam now. presents an approach to compute Intersection of modules, which is relatively easy to be implemented in the computer system. the time i returned, the van was past the Intersection, part way up the next block, and the movers were already unloading it.

23.the car stopped at street Intersection.

24.we stopped at a busy Intersection.

25.should i stop before or after the Intersection?

26.we can turn at the next Intersection! day as he was crossing an Intersection, the light changed and a semi-truck caught the handles of ben's wheelchair in its grille.

28.bridges are used to avoid the Intersection of a railroad and a highway. can drop me off at the next Intersection.

30.the department store is located at the Intersection.

31.follow this road and see that Intersection there?

32.the whole curves were broken at the point of space Intersection and the nurbs curves were joined from beginning to end.

33.the point of Intersection of lines or the point opposite the base of a figure.

34.this is the busiest Intersection in the city.

35.i remember it was around the second Intersection of this street.

36.a closed plane curve resulting from the Intersection of a circular cone and a plane cutting completely through it.

37.the hit test succeeded in the top and right border Intersection.

38.traffic blocked the Intersection.

39.we can turn at the next Intersection! i know another road we can take.

40.process models are developed for both current systems and the Intersection of both.