Intersecting Sentence Examples | Use Intersecting in a sentence

1.approaching on simplified drawing method for Intersecting line of cylinder and cone

2.generally speaking, when two cylinders intersect each other, the surface Intersecting line might be space quadric curve. equation is derived to show the Intersecting line where circular column and circular cone are arbitrarily intersected except that two axial lines are parallel; and to discriminate the visibility.

4.helical gears can be also be used to connect nonparallel, non-Intersecting shafts at any angle to one another.

5.we inhabit a world of Intersecting secrecies. architectural decoration formed by two Intersecting wavy bands.

7.his plan is to drop perpendiculars from each point of the curve upon two planes Intersecting at right angles.

8.cracks that have developed in the web at lateral connection plates have generally occurred because of Intersecting welds.

9.finally it gives the method to solve the equation of orbital curve Intersecting meridian at fixed angle. the drawing of Intersecting line, the determination of particular points on the Intersecting line is most essential.

11.two barrel vaults Intersecting at right angles.

12.meeting kim helped my parents and i get more used to the idea of online and offline life Intersecting.

13.the centre of the city is full of tiny Intersecting alleyways.

14.based on analytic method and set operation method, the geometric characteristics of the intersection and union of two or three cylinders with their axes Intersecting perpendicularly were studied.

15.there's some Intersecting link between them and the killer.

16.the method of handling the hidden lines of raised plane object with two Intersecting lines has been presented.

17.between the active patterns, word lines are arranged Intersecting the bit lines.

18.the fringes can be viewed by Intersecting the interference pattern with a sheet of paper at a convenient location.

19.its explicitly explained how the cleavage step pattern is formed by the cleavage crack Intersecting with screw dislocation. is shown how a pair of two Intersecting chords locates the center of the circle. interconnected or Intersecting configuration or system of components.

22.several largest highways are Intersecting in this area, which also contains the three strategic bridges across the euphrates.

23.understand the change trend of Intersecting line.

24.the new permitted set is taken as a union of the file's permitted set and the result of Intersecting the file's and process's inheritable sets.

25.a problem of geometric probability for the intersection of pairs of lines Intersecting a convex body in r~ 3

26.point formed by two Intersecting arcs ( as from the intrados of a gothic arch). coloring of plane graphs with maximum degree six and without Intersecting triangles and 4-cycles

28.the virtual Intersecting experiment program of plane and solid is developed based on this method, which can realize real-time interaction and network transmission.

29.when gears are to be used to transmit motion between Intersecting shaft, some of bevel gear is required.

30.then row a straight line among two stones , row one with its straight line of Intersecting vertically in the middle of this line. angle formed by three or more planes Intersecting at a common point ( the vertex).

32.Intersecting at or forming right angles.

33.cornerstone also corner stone ahd n. a stone at the corner of a building uniting two Intersecting walls ; a quoin . the normal world, the locale for tales in his narrative of life miseries is still the "Intersecting zone between town and country" .

35.Intersecting surface of the hard thin wall barrel and the blanking adapter is in shape of circle, square, trapezium or other special shapes.

36.surface Intersecting line; arc straight-line method; blurred diagrammatic representation;

37.the asteroids have Intersecting orbits that allow them to collide with one another and with the planets.

38.the research is launched for studying the numerical control system of a kind of Intersecting line cutting machine.

39.relating to or based upon a section ( i.e. as if cut through by an Intersecting plane).