Intersected Sentence Examples | Use Intersected in a sentence

1.the gardens are Intersected by gravel paths.

2.research on three-dimensional geological modeling method based on drilling data and constraints of Intersected folded cross-sections

3.these two alternatives are combined to produce the Intersected alternative.

4.excavations can be Intersected by multiple discrete faults ( non-planar and gouge filled) that slip and open.

5.william faulkner adopts three-dimensional and Intersected structures in his works, namely, the streams of consciousness, multiple narrative perspectives, indirect narration, multiple plots, and the structures of his whole works being three-dimensional and Intersected.

6.therefore , description : emphasized on the new drilling technique, testing and study results of the Intersected wells.

7.all corners are carefully Intersected so that a cross is visible on the right side of the fabric.

8.two trends have Intersected in antitrust. the spot where it is Intersected by the ancient tree-bordered road which runs from gagny to lagny, he heard people coming.

10.the conception of "ethnic group" and "nation" are Intersected and connected.

11.if two empty policies are Intersected, then the result is an empty policy.

12.educational economy and management is a multi-interdisciplinary subject Intersected by education, economy and management. and war have Intersected again over the past century.

14.Intersected by a number of ring roads, these streets thus form a clear eight-diagram pattern.

15.primarily they are Intersected by the front and rear fenders.

16.gas has been produced along the entire gay-spencer-richardson trend which is Intersected by north-south trending fold structures.

17.method-level attributes and class-level attributes are Intersected together into a single permission set for both levels.

18.the resulting where clause to count a segment that is Intersected is the following

19.somewhere all the tracks Intersected. essence, what happens upon calling this method is that a snapshot of the state of the call stack is taken at that very instant and the sets of permissions Intersected with each other.

21.attribute, lower levels are not able to increase the final grant set because all policy levels are Intersected during policy resolution.

22.the landscape is Intersected with dark hedges.

23.when two alternatives have a matching vocabulary they are combined to produce a single new alternative in the Intersected policy.

24.the city is Intersected by three main waterways. equation is derived to show the intersecting line where circular column and circular cone are arbitrarily Intersected except that two axial lines are parallel; and to discriminate the visibility.

26.none of this would likely ever have Intersected with rock music, though, if it had not been for the impulse of the british invasion.

27.with each set of three surfaces, they can be Intersected and trimmed so all the parts fit properly together.

28.registered permanent residence system differentiates the agricultural and the non-agricultural registered permanent residence strictly, resulting in the forming of Intersected structure of town and country.

29.the thin mountain Intersected by faults and other structural fissures result in low intactness of rock mass.

30.a landscape of small fields Intersected by hedges and streams.

31.when a call is made to the checkpermission method in that thread of execution, the permissions sets of classes occurring only on and below this stack frame are Intersected with each other.

32.a method of detecting spatial inconsistency between the Intersected exploration profiles

33.a universal class of3d-graph in oil reservoir simulation software is introduced. also, it puts forward a connection algorithm of cylinder based on Intersected central shaft in the class.

34.point out here that surfaces are overbuilt &Intersected with one another. this is an important concept to get across.

35.more instability disasters are developed strongly on the zone of the main ne strike fault Intersected with other faults. irruption of youth inundated that garden Intersected with a cross like a shroud. the operational and cultural areas of states expanded and Intersected, diplomatic encounters increased.