Intersect Sentence Examples | Use Intersect in a sentence

1.the point where three areas or surfaces meet or Intersect.

2.however, telling the truth and political correctness do not always Intersect.

3.since then, also had the most "sad" Intersect. many times do the road and railway Intersect on this map?

5.a straight line that touches but does not Intersect a curve.

6.the space enclosed by three or more planes that Intersect in a vertex.

7.a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle around an axis that does not Intersect the circle.

8.questions of climate change and equity Intersect in china.

9.gradually, his life and that of the child-god began to Intersect.

10.this kind of Intersect system has several features: higher Intersect precision, safety and reliability, easy to handle and lower price.

11.because vaccination is required, it's one of these places where medicine and government Intersect.

12.and, the questions that we are going to ask ourselves are, well, does the line Intersect the plane?

13.the circles will Intersect in two places

14.does ray Intersect this bounding box?

15.does not end. parallel lines do not end there, never Intersect. in parallel with the two people will not.

16.there are three defined operations for processing policies; normalize, merge, and Intersect.

17.the orbit of this comet Intersects the orbit of the earth

18.when the two circular bounding areas Intersect, the ball lands in the bucket.

19.the lines ab and cd Intersect at e.; the line ab Intersects line cd at e.

20.generally speaking, when two cylinders Intersect each other, the surface Intersecting line might be space quadric curve.

21.their histories Intersect.

22.create new path covering top part of the interface and set it to Intersect ( 3).

23.if the point is within the polygon, the line will Intersect the edges of the polygon an odd number of times.

24.this the period of time you do Intersect?

25.the emergence of wavelet analysis is the result of a multidisciplinary effort that brought together many Intersect fields. is drawn to Intersect both average total cost and average variable cost at their lowest points. spheric linkages, the axes of all revolute pairs must Intersect at a point.

28.the shooting direction of an air shooting range shall not Intersect an air route.

29.the null must Intersect with the emitter at the point where you want to emit particles.

30.the city is Intersected by three main waterways.

31.if you place more than one fluid object inside the domain, they should currently not Intersect. does your bpm or mdm strategy Intersect with silos?

33.the cables Intersect the tower or pylon at different heights. the masts level with the spires of churches.

34.any two diameters of a circle Intersect each other.

35.there are questions that Intersect between the form and the content in every single novel that we read.

36.the two lines Intersect at p.

37.the centre of the city is full of tiny Intersecting alleyways.

38.the upper-left corner of the workspace, where the horizontal and vertical rulers Intersect.

39.the paths of our lives simply no longer Intersect.

40.this is life Intersect with the same reasoning.