Interrogator Sentence Examples | Use Interrogator in a sentence

1.rf front end transceiver is one of the most important parts in rfid system, including Interrogator transceiver and transponder transceiver.

2.i was an Interrogator at the detention facility in guantanamo bay, cuba.

3."sometimes they make fun of you. they ask if you want water, and if you say yes they bring it, but then the Interrogator drinks it. "

4.'what do you mean by that?'dicky asked sharply like an Interrogator. of these jailed women shares her conversation with her Interrogator in prison.

6.unfortunately, the operation was being conducted under the direction of an agent who, though a capable Interrogator, had little experience as a field operator. one point, as one boy rests his head on the table, the Interrogator flicks at him, shouting: "lift your head, you. "

8.Interrogator: you should praise god that parallel security ( intelligent) agents do not interrogate you.

9.a reader also called an Interrogator communicates with a tag, called a transponder. the reading competition, one Interrogator asked the same question of a number of hidden entities: what did they think about the weather that morning? the allies advanced across france, he linked up with american forces, using his perfect german to act as an Interrogator, and then washed up, stateless, in the us, where he set up his language-teaching business. also can be used as the signal encoder of Interrogator of the surface-to-air ssr.

13.he also claims an american Interrogator submitted questions for others to ask during this process.

14.miss fan lacked such an Interrogator with whom she could whisper intimately.

15.Interrogator: "you are working in the consulate general in lahore?"

16.the present study looks into the Interrogator's employment of linguistic politeness in chinese police interrogation from a pragmatic perspective. of iff Interrogator receiving system

18.maritime radar Interrogator transponder

19.the method has been applied and verified in a new developed mode s ssr Interrogator, and the system runs well.

20.the iso/ iec18000-6c protocol standard, and designed an uhf rfid Interrogator based on the standard are. on Interrogator system for distributed fiber bragg grating sensors based on arrayed waveguide grating

22.a new chirped fiber bragg grating ( cfbg) Interrogator is proposed with triangular spectra for the grating sensor.

23.i am not a police Interrogator, scientist, or other expert

24.proving, or demonstrating to an Interrogator, that one is justified is another matter, and not necessary for simply being justified. Interrogator clutched one detainee's neck so that he repeatedly passed out.

26.agility tuning, the capability of the dme to alternately tune between two different dme stations in order to get two distance readings from one Interrogator.

27.chief Interrogator was j.parneii thomas.

28."i will get out of here; you won't, " she once snapped at an Interrogator.

29.the Interrogator then laid into his prisoner using a club.

30.the article describes in detail the optical principle of the fbg sensors and several extensive used multiplexing technologies, determines the use of wavelength division multiplexing technology for layout and measurement of the sensor array combined with Interrogator. of an uhf rfid Interrogator baseband processor onboard antenna based on the theory of microstrip patch antenna is put forward for uhf Interrogator in this article., i was not mad, but my Interrogator was furious.

34.the Interrogator, a short, stocky man his 40s, said the email proved mr. newman was a spy and accused him of using the tour as a cover, mr. chinoy writes.

35.rfid comprises two parts, Interrogator ( or reader) and transponder ( or tag).

36.they're just trying to throw off the Interrogator's rhythm.

37.rfid system is composed of two parts, one is reader ( it is also called Interrogator or signal transmitter), the other is tag ( it is also called transponder or signal acceptor). of iso 18000-6 rfid Interrogator