Interrogation Sentence Examples | Use Interrogation in a sentence was the traditional maidenly Interrogation, and he felt ashamed of himself for finding it singularly childish.

2.the book fully demonstrates the multi-dimensional characteristics of the Interrogation without torture in the chinese tradition judicature.

3.she remained silent under Interrogation.

4.make a full admission of one's guilt he confessed to the crime during his Interrogation.

5.the Interrogation of terrorist suspects gave the police a lot of information.

6.he cracked under Interrogation and confessed.

7.the Interrogation is going on.

8.she was taken away for Interrogation.

9.he was called in for an Interrogation in which they verbally beat the hell out of him.

10.note: in conjunction with neurophone technology, this is a mechanism for remote Interrogation/ torture via satellite.

11.i have a plan and zhao and then to the detention of those Interrogation rooms to wenzhou boss.

12.on the Interrogation of you and

13.during another Interrogation, he was hung upside down by his knees, his hands stuck, cuffed behind his legs.

14.jack's bringing him in for further Interrogation.

15."we found a relaxed atmosphere here and it was a constructive meeting, " his lawyer commented after today's Interrogation.

16.what is this, an Interrogation?

17.get the information through Interrogation.

18.nor would it employ Interrogation tactics like water-boarding, which he said had only played into the hands of terror groups like al-qaeda.

19.Interrogation recording and location system

20.they branded her a coward for informing on her colleagues during the Interrogation.

21.i want to stress, at the outset, this is not an Interrogation.

22.three saudi writers complained that they were hustled off for Interrogation after trying to get a novel signed by its female saudi author.

23.if he refuses to affix his signature or fingerprint, the case handlers shall record the situation down in the transcripts of Interrogation.

24.under Interrogation on tuesday, chen chose not to answer some questions. this an Interrogation? are you jealous?

26.we sat cross-legged on the matting and the Interrogation began.

27.tell them it was part of your Interrogation technique.

28.under Interrogation, he was beaten and starved.

29.the suspect was marched to the police station for Interrogation. was perfectly possible that before he was shot the whole drama of his arrest and Interrogation would be enacted all over again. took your weapon into the Interrogation room.

32.he said he believes the controversial Interrogation technique known as water boarding is torture and should not be permitted.

33.this is not my first Interrogation by the republican guard.

34.police say she was cool and collected during her Interrogation.

35.after three hours of Interrogation, he confessed everything.

36.if you ask too many questions the conversation can feel like a bit of an Interrogation.

37.he confessed to the crime during his Interrogation.

38.or i'll take you to the Interrogation room.

39.his wife looked alarm and Interrogation.

40.the authenticity of chineseness has always been problematic and a subject of Interrogation.