Interrogate Sentence Examples | Use Interrogate in a sentence

1., which you should save or Interrogate immediately after the dialog command exits ( because a subsequent command will immediately change its value).

2.administrators can Interrogate individual locks and perform system upgrades and changes quickly and easily.

3.their army still have the right to detain, arrest and Interrogate.

4.if i'd been given a chance to Interrogate him. that you have setup your list in this way following these rules, you are now ready to Interrogate the list by applying criteria.

6.this lets you capture the state of the parse session in a single tree that's easy to walk and Interrogate at runtime, independent of the parsing code that produced it. can use the list history command to Interrogate the database backup history.

8.Interrogate or update a database.

9.then, sitting next to me on the mini-bus ride back to the hotel, he began to Interrogate me. i Interrogate with torture the future route of shanghai biennale with region culture status angle.

11.more sentries were posted to Interrogate and examine the passers-by.

12.the car to Interrogate him with a dialog box, nor would the carpenter appreciate one (like the one in figure 10-2) appearing on her hammer.

13.a broad range of users can easily share, view, Interrogate, mark-up and validate products designs.

14.the prisoner be Interrogate for three hour

15.the police took a long time to Interrogate the offenders fully. don't need to Interrogate the interviewer, though. a nation at war can detain the enemy without lawyers or civilian trials and Interrogate them for information to prevent future attacks.

18.if this were any other situation, i would say fine, Interrogate her. Interrogate this hardened criminal, you have to squeeze every word out of him. can set and Interrogate these properties using extensions to the existing esql vocabulary.

21.i Interrogated everyone even slightly involved. wish to Interrogate the prisoner? he paced slowly back and forth in the room, he began to Interrogate me, speaking in conversational tones, never raising his voice.

24.they'll arrest you Interrogate you. part of a password policy is to Interrogate password expiry and restriction for review.

26.ponton, i want to Interrogate this man raymond larocque.

27.i do wish i would not Interrogate you, but it seems to me that our time of interdependence is over, and i really should like to know why.

28.for decades, they have had the ability to arrest, Interrogate, torture and imprison libyan citizens at will.

29.we should take our chances, Interrogate these men.

30.when a people's policeman Interrogate a victim or other witness outside of the public security organ, he shall show his work certificate.

31.i'll Interrogate vlachko without sydney or vaughn knowing.

32.the police try to Interrogate the monkey.

33.the lawyer took a long time to Interrogate the witness fully.

34.i sent curtis to Interrogate her.

35.can you Interrogate him without breaking bones?

36."during college and graduate school, " dr. okie wrote, "i had to Interrogate her to find out what was happening in her personal life. "

37.the lawyer took two hours to Interrogate the witness.

38.they used him to Interrogate suspected double agents in the company.