Interregnum Sentence Examples | Use Interregnum in a sentence

1.following the ambassador's sudden death, there was an Interregnum of several weeks before a successor was appointed.

2.he shared clifford 's concern about the Interregnum .

3.two people in the Interregnum, the turbulent and dark chaos common era, under the influence of confucianism several outcome, but due to the different main body thought makes people in two into the official and hermit mentality when different.

4.fourthly, it analyzes comparative inferiority of non-governmental universities, such as Interregnum of history 、 shortness of outlay 、 control of government 、 slope of law, etc, through comparison between non-governmental and governmental universities, in order to analyze the backward root of non-governmental universities.

5.devoted ( sometimes fanatically) to a cause or concept of truth. chastity and loyalty: description of chastity-pursuing death of women in the south region of the yangtze river during the ming-qing Interregnum by the adherents of ming dynasty's true that the Interregnum will be shorter this time: f. d. r. wasn't inaugurated until march;

7.depending on the experience of author, this paper discusses the setting principles and skills of trunk signaling and Interregnum data and route data cc08 digital spc exchanger used in huawei.

8.we can only do the best we can in what looks increasingly like another Interregnum, as the 1920s and 1930s were.

9.outside insulation flashover will not only lead to Interregnum of power supply, but affect its reliability. one in the Interregnum seemed to feel final responsibility, and so matters drifted along.

11.the other big political force, the army, is back in the barracks after its intervention and abortive Interregnum in 2007-08.

12.fear intensified during the Interregnum between herbert hoover and franklin d.

13.but the Interregnum was a time of debate.

14.after the medvedev Interregnum, he could have two further terms, staying in power until 2024 (see article).

15.yet in the Interregnum between wars, especially from the southern and northern dynasties onward, internal commerce came to recover in varying degrees in those regional states. Interregnum could prove perilous for the next dalai lama as well.

17.yet mr geithner and others suggest the imf cannot afford a long Interregnum given the dramatic way in which mr strauss-kahn has been taken out of action by his arrest on sex charges in new york.

18.he shared clifford's concern about the Interregnum.

19.there is no Interregnum between the death of one sovereign and the accession of the next.

20.the special group itself was infected with Interregnum uncertainties. correspondingly, the progress in the production of the necessities of life is unmistakable.

21.the Interregnum of 1932-1933, the long stretch between the election and the actual transfer of power, was disastrous for the u.