Interred Sentence Examples | Use Interred in a sentence

1.with the deepening reform and opening-up of jiangsu province and rapid socio-economic development, the masses have formed the growing demand for sports entertainment, sports consumer market continued to expand and the sports industry of jiangsu province has Interred into a rapid development stage.

2.he wished to be Interred in the family grave.

3.the old man said that he wished to be Interred in the family grave.

4.the sites hawass opened in1999 became known as the valley of the golden mummies, for the gilded masks and chest plated that cover many of the Interred.

5.because so many of the babies were preemies, and all seem to have been Interred at about the same time, soren suspected a malaria epidemic. is also unclear whether mr. kim's body, which has been on display for visitors in a pyongyang palace, will remain there or be Interred.

7.unknown soldiers were Interred with full military honours in westminster abbey in london and at the arc de triumph in paris.

8.the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft Interred with their bones.

9.afterward, reagan will be returned to his adopted home state of california, where he will be Interred at his presidential library.

10.among the more unusual items that it wants back are the remains of prince alemayehu, Interred in windsor castle.

11.turns out today is jinghong's birthday, the same day her parents are being Interred back in her hometown.

12."in london iies a knight a pope Interred."

13.leo mccarey died seven years later of emphysema and was Interred in the holy cross cemetery in culver city, california.

14.they Interred their dear comrade in arms.

15.the body was Interred at the cemetery. recent years, the united states, russia, japan and india Interred the affairs of south china sea. it shows a trend of becoming more and more widely related.

17.Interred in an unlamented grave.

18.many of the soldiers were Interred in unmarked graves. fuzang graves there is one person who is the owner of the grave as well as other Interred persons. drives its name from a tale that three days after the king was Interred , a white tiger appeared to protect the tomb.

21.the man who was died in that accident has been Interred.

22.this is why the archdeacon was not Interred in consecrated earth.

23.she was Interred with her husband.

24.the body was Interred at that cemetery.

25.his remains were Interred in the cemetery.

26.thomas was Interred next to his grandmother.

27.they also Interred their dead. the symbolic nature of this behavior in their case is debated because the burials lack grave goods.

28.there's no denying vikings loved their boats& so much that it was a great honor to be Interred in one.

29.when it died, it was Interred in a specially prepared tomb in the valley of the kings. drives its name from a tale that three days after the king was Interred, a white tiger appeared to protect the tomb.