Interpretive Sentence Examples | Use Interpretive in a sentence

1.the exemptions for Interpretive rules, policy statements, and procedural rules have just been discussed.

2.a method of operation; for example, the binary mode, the Interpretive mode, the alphanumeric mode.

3.we've been doing this because we belong to an Interpretive community.

4.subjective critics reasoned that his sense of poetry, Interpretive insight and expressive passion made the wrong notes irrelevant.

5."in-put and out-put mode" is one of the most Interpretive and executive modes promoting oral fluency.

6.we say we belong to an Interpretive community.

7.a study of advertisement translation from the perspective of interlingual Interpretive resemblance

8.this irrigation project requires a highly developed technical and Interpretive expertise.

9.the irrs typically used are prone to a wide variety of methodological and Interpretive problems. the early1980s, the Interpretive revolution took place in organizational communication.

11.society · international society · world society& three Interpretive perspectives for international history?

12.the administrator had no delegated lawmaking authority, and thus courts were not bound by his Interpretive guidelines.

13.all communication and all understanding are a matter of Interpretive construction on the part of the experiencing subject.

14.history is an Interpretive process. analytic or Interpretive literary composition.

16.congress excluded Interpretive rules and policy statements from the apa's procedural obligations because they are not legislative rules.

17.the historicity of human being is the Interpretive principle of the problem of scientific possibility.

18.i have just said we all belong to an Interpretive community.

19.our perceptions are limited and warped by the kind of lenses we see through, "the Interpretive structure of our human brains. " some cases i have added Interpretive or clarifying comments in brackets.'s like looking at an air photo, and bringing all the factors together, with Interpretive overlays to guide the design.

22.we are an Interpretive community that's interested in interpretation, so we play the game.

23.this course introduces students to elementary interpretation theories, cultural backgrounds and basic Interpretive techniques. the image of the judge hercules has been replaced by the concept of "audience" , or "Interpretive community" in legal argumentation.

25.sandplay is usually done adjunctively to talk therapy which carries the Interpretive aspects of the psychotherapeutic work. is not only an Interpretive situation, it is a translation process as well.

27.the jvm is a pure Interpretive system.

28.the "Interpretive community" is a reading public that shares a strategy or approach to interpretation.

29.this paper argues on how to eliminate and distinguish pragmatic ambiguity by taking advantage of the restrictive and Interpretive function of context. that might be one sub-community within our Interpretive community. cope with this system, an international manager needs both factual and Interpretive knowledge of culture. help students develop skills in criticism, that is, aesthetic responsiveness and Interpretive ability.

33.javascript is a standard, syntactically simple, object-oriented, Interpretive programming language supported by browsers and other processors.

34.Interpretive paradigm emphasized on those things. first, curriculum content is a social construct; Interpretive diagnostic technique to record on an output device the execution of each instruction and its results. Interpretive paradigm, which may be a useful starting-point, is drawn from the discipline of marketing.

37.Interpretive power of categorization and prototype theory as regards "degree adverbs+ noun" structure

38.through many years of development, Interpretive theory has become a comprehensive one guiding practitioners.

39.most of the artifacts at the heart mountain Interpretive learning center were donated by former internees.