Interjected Sentence Examples | Use Interjected in a sentence

1."well, what is disconnection? " roberts Interjected.

2."i don't want to get in," the caller Interjected." i want to get out. "

3."that's a pretty safe bet, " skiles Interjected, drawing laughter during the news conference at the bradley center.

4."that's a wonderful thing, " Interjected the priest, "but it's certainly nothing you need to confess! "

5."uh, boss," Interjected one of the young lawyers," we have a lot to do and not much time."

6."no," she Interjected." i will be too busy reading!"

7."actually, she used to make up songs on the piano for me when i was a little girl, " i Interjected.

8.the people of china weaved their faith ingeniously in line with the principle of "believing cleverly"," three religion Interjected "was only an apparent phenomenon, what had really occupied the leading position was the loosely-scattered religion.

9.he is coming, Interjected tobias from the sofa.

10."can you shut up, " weeks Interjected, "and let me teach you some science? "

11.james murdoch said he wasn't, but his father Interjected: 'we were not ever guilty of that. '

12."that's absolutely ridiculous!" mary Interjected, refusing to listen to the rest of his suggestions.

13.according to her account, the authorities tried to end the meeting, but she Interjected.

14.from his wheelchair across the way, though, mr. wang's father Interjected with disdain. 'tomb-sweeping is about the spirit. if you don't do it yourself in person, there is no spirit.'

15."god probably did it because he kicked me this morning with that shoe, " my daughter Interjected.

16.'surely there's something we can do?' Interjected palin

17.therefore, let's make a change to allow for an object to be Interjected, as shown in listing 8.

18."more precisely, a pediatrician, " caroline Interjected.

19.after a moment's break, mel Interjected.

20.well, he would look a bit of a prat carrying a necklace, Interjected ron.

21."not like that!" he Interjected while explaining how to take the machine into pieces.