Interiority Sentence Examples | Use Interiority in a sentence

1.responsibility rule for the quality of accounting information based on Interiority a result, the post-colonialism creates the post-colonialist historical narrative between national Interiority and exteriority, identity and exclusiveness, selves and others, thus falls into the cultural trap of the post-colonialist history. is good as far as the mundane world is concerned, but it is not good as far as your Interiority is concerned.

4.the works of dutch painter rembrandt van rijn, active in the17th century, represent the pinnacle of these developments, especially in his use of light to convey tone and psychological Interiority. modern science, it is "the invariability under transformations" reached in the course of scientists 'Interiority using the instrument of symmetry that makes science to be of public intelligibility and acceptability.

6.this tale type also reveals late imperial chinese ideas of Interiority by examining powerless individuals at a moment of crisis.

7.let not only his exterior expand, let his Interiority also have a depth, just as the trees rise up in the sky but their roots go deep underground.

8.on the other hand, the external objectivity is realized in the course of Interiority of human agent.

9.communication consists in the Interiority of human society, it's practice activity among different practice subjects such as communicating, restricting, penetrating, influencing and reconstructing which aim at changing the world and the living space. practice is its essence. instrument of non contact measuring intraocular pressure and examining Interiority of the eye

11.this article discusses the problems above with the case of suburb house design, and seeks for a possible attitude of "fringe" life between the living Interiority and housing flexibility. fact, it may threaten to leave the historian with only'a blank, indifferent space, lacking in both Interiority and promise.

13.changes of commercial banks 'and enterprises' behavior strengthen Interiority of money supply and decrease effect of the center bank on money supply;