interconnected Sentence Examples | Use interconnected in a sentence

1.given the global and interconnected nature of the lgbt rights battle, to miss these international stories is to give an incomplete picture.

2.the regions are interconnected by an excellent highway system. this paper mainly introduces the background, concept, applications, foreground and its influence for interconnected system.

4.decentralized robust stabilization problem of a class of interconnected largescale system with parametric uncertainties is considered.

5.embedded processor environments are networked and highly interconnected.

6.many independent computers are interconnected in a computer network.

7.the interconnected nature of businesses and global manufacturing chains, not to mention the payment system, makes that nearly impossible. this framework, a supply chain comprises a number of interconnected entities and transportation links.

9.the speed of economic growth, employment and inflation are closely interconnected.

10.without geography, our young people are not ready to face the challenges of the increasingly interconnected and competitive world.

11.because of the interconnected nature of finance, one institution's liquidity crisis can swiftly be transmitted around the system.

12.the commission set out an accountability framework with three interconnected processes: monitor, review, and act.

13.all participating machines must be interconnected by a communication facility, such as a high-speed tcpip network.

14.monarch, court and government were all interconnected.

15.the plates are bounded by an interconnected network of ridges, transform faults, and trenches.

16.the various parts of the eye are interconnected with the nervous system. and describe: identify and describe the sips that can be interconnected across the esb.

18.multiprocessing system is a computer system employing two or more interconnected processing units to execute programs.

19.we cannot help but live in an interconnected world.

20.this domain represents an administration scoping, potentially distributed over a series of interconnected run time nodes.

21.collaboration between semi-autonomous, interconnected business units is often difficult. an interconnected world, an attack on one nation's networks can be an attack on all. is all this interconnected technology supposed to make you feel?

24.we are all interconnected here [ and] people are very loyal.

25.he said the home mortgage crisis, the financial crisis and the broader economic crisis are interconnected. another, that's the worry for the stock market, because much like the euro zone, the global economy is all interconnected too. may, also, be a development organization that consists of numerous, interconnected systems and project teams.

28.they're made up of lots of the interconnected circles and geometrical shapes. interconnected or intersecting configuration or system of components.

30.this approach reinforces the increasingly interconnected nature of our various businesses.

31.a decentralized adaptive control method suitable for overlapping interconnected large scale systems is presented.

32.a model of switched fuzzy interconnected systems is presented and the related robust control problem is studied.

33.the corresponding results are gained when the large-scale interconnected systems are composed of the systems.

34.through my work i'm trying to articulate that humans are not separate from nature and that everything is interconnected.

35.a novel transient stability program for interconnected ac/ dc systems is introduced in this paper.

36.consider the example of a domain with several interconnected switches that support several vlans. addresses the perennial question of how to build systems from a series of interconnected parts.

38.if you're trying to make sense of complex, interconnected projects, this second approach is vital.

39.because we are all interconnected in social networks, our health is interconnected.

40.the conductors placed in the slots of the stator or rotor are interconnected to form windings.