Intercollegiate Sentence Examples | Use Intercollegiate in a sentence

1.rule violations in Intercollegiate athletics: a qualitative investigation utilizing an organizational justice framework

2.i was recruited to play Intercollegiate basketball and became a professional player.

3.for this, starting from changing the internal mental model of the learners, and combined with the practical teaching activities of the Intercollegiate collaborative learning, it proposes subjects productive strategy to promote a deep understanding of knowledge for the learner.

4.each plan includes coverage for emergency medical evacuation, Intercollegiate sports, acts of terrorism and more!

5.administrative leadership in Intercollegiate athletics

6.his decision to leave the team just on the eve of the Intercollegiate tournament was certainly a bolt from the blue.

7.she won the intramural contest and went on to represent her university in the Intercollegiate competition.

8.a comparative study of the organization and administration of Intercollegiate sports competitions in china and the united states to effectively carry out the Intercollegiate collaborative learning?

10.the thesis examined the far-reaching influence of the media's feedback effect on american Intercollegiate sports.

11.any player who has graduated from high school and is at least 17 years old qualifies for the nba draft if that player renounces Intercollegiate eligibility.

12.besides, the university, actively expanding its international academic exchange and collaborations, has also established friendly Intercollegiate relationship with many countries and areas.

13.while winning is not an end in itself, we believe that the efforts by our Intercollegiate teams to be their best will lead them to succeed.

14.the Intercollegiate competence is, by nature, that of human resources, with the competition at higher level as its core.

15.under the background of internationalization of education informatization, the author analyzed the necessity and feasibility of Intercollegiate collaboration.

16.Intercollegiate cooperation refers to two or two and so on school, on the basis of equality, mutual trust, to achieve common goals in the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, sharing responsibility risk of a long-term relationship.

17.the department will foster the highest level of Intercollegiate athletic competition and compete nationally in selected sports.

18.principles for conduct of Intercollegiate athletics in american national collegiate athletic association

19.the university's Intercollegiate sports teams compete with regional rivals in men's and women's sports.

20.a study of non-observance of the maxims of cooperative principle in 'free debate' in Intercollegiate chinese debate contest

21.soon after he was asked to work with an Intercollegiate commission to form a system of academic apparel. has many problems in college laboratory construction and management in new period and we should sort out the management system, increasing the funds devotion, enhancing the troops developments, rein-forcing Intercollegiate help and other improvement measures.

23.carry on the Intercollegiate exchange is the important link to run the party school.

24.development of higher education to international, for which necessarily includes the development of Intercollegiate sports international, which brought about significant changes in internationalization is the exchange of ideas on Intercollegiate sports changes.

25.he takes part in the Intercollegiate sports every year.

26.he even participated in the first Intercollegiate basketball game in 1896.

27.cognitive interpretation of discourse in "free debate" in the international Intercollegiate chinese debate contest by conceptual integration theory

28.after entering an american university, i watched, for the first time, an Intercollegiate football match on the campus.

29.the commercial operation level of Intercollegiate athletics is not so high that there is lack of funds to organize competitions in china.

30.columbia university sponsors 29 Intercollegiate teams competing in the ivy league in ncaa division i (i-aa for football). the same time, well designing the theme generation strategy, and combined with the Intercollegiate collaborative learning platform, it develops the appropriate technology module.

32.research on the socialization mode of Intercollegiate athletic competition effect of the media: an activator for american Intercollegiate sports to develop in competition and balance

34.we met in the final of the next big Intercollegiate tournament, and though i had an early lead, he won in three sets.

35.the exploration of the Intercollegiate cooperation in mass higher education

36.after entering an american university , i watched , for the first time , an Intercollegiate football match on the campus .