Interbreed Sentence Examples | Use Interbreed in a sentence

1.since the birds Interbreed they cannot be classed as different species

2.they were rare, and the pure-strain wild turkeys had begun to Interbreed with farmers domestic stock.

3.related species that are not geographically isolated, and which could Interbreed but in practice do not because of differences in behavior, breeding season, etc., are called sympatric species.

4.coyotes (another species in the genus canis) have expanded east and begun to Interbreed with c. lycaon.

5.studies of Interbreed in vitro fertilization of swam buffalo and bovine gametes

6.the american anthropological association in1998 stressed that neighboring populations Interbreed and that physical traits tend to vary gradually rather than abruptly over geographic areas.

7.steelhead populations and rainbow trout populations can and do Interbreed at different levels.

8.sometimes the escaped fish Interbreed with wild fish to the detriment of the local stock.

9.the intercellular migration of chromatin substance of pmcs in the Interbreed hybrid and species hybrid and parents of spring wheat is studied in the present paper.

10.elementary research on testing and utilization of heterosis to Interbreed maize could have two genuine species, whose members cannot Interbreed, but whose genomes are very similar.

12.investigation on the probationary raising of a new silkworm variety "yesanyuan" they were rare, and the pure-strain wild turkeys had begun to Interbreed with farmers domestic stock.

13.two species of mice might Interbreed where their ranges overlapped, raising the question of what name to give to the hybrids.

14.dogs, wolves, coyotes and jackals all have the same number of chromosomes and can still Interbreed and produce viable offspring.

15.( biology) taxonomic group whose members can Interbreed. this novel cross-fertilization is what ishiguro describes as android science.

16.wolves and dogs can Interbreed and produce offspring.