Insubordinate Sentence Examples | Use Insubordinate in a sentence

1.the men became mutinous and Insubordinate.

2.stargazers: they were wise councilors , if a bit too ethereal. a pity that they chose such an Insubordinate path for themselves .

3.the right words ? he was deliberately Insubordinate. industry, a worker who is grossly Insubordinate is threatened with discharge.

5.when he did speak, he banged the table as if berating an Insubordinate shareholder.

6.huang is as exacting a boss as he is an Insubordinate employee, but he is often forced to suffer the rebelliousness of his staff.

7.their soldiers are disciplined to the hilt but are also Insubordinate .

8.several instances of Insubordinate behavior.

9.their refusal to defer to humans like other domestic animals, which seemed wickedly Insubordinate in earlier centuries, is now taken as evidence of self-respecting independence.

10.a history of Insubordinate behavior; Insubordinate boys.

11.if you're Insubordinate, i shall put you under arrest.

12.this morning at about nine o'clock, forewoman no.2, wang chin-chen, ran into my office to report that yao chin-feng in row no.12 had made a mistake and was being Insubordinate about it.

13.that's an Insubordinate response. is a very high bar when we ask executives to be genuinely Insubordinate in order to be moral.

15.just like kinda typical face of an Insubordinate boy from the japanese comic book. as mother says. if you are Insubordinate, father will probably hear of it.

17.your actions are grossly Insubordinate.

18.the old school headteacher remembered him as an Insubordinate child.

19.the professor cited several instances of Insubordinate behavior .