Inhumanly Sentence Examples | Use Inhumanly in a sentence kill brutally or Inhumanly.

2.i stared because their faces, so different, so similar, were all devastatingly, Inhumanly beautiful.

3.not the pretense of the saints, who pretend, incomprehensibly, Inhumanly, to never even have those urges at all.

4.because they slaughter the dogs Inhumanly, where s domesticated farms animals live somewhat humane lives.

5.prachanda: the imperialist world order makes a handful of rich richer and the vast majority Inhumanly poorer.

6.also, forbidding, doctrinaire, witty, obsessed and almost Inhumanly brave as her illness ground her along on her long passage to death.

7.when i talk to others they feel surprised to know that thirty one thousand youths are Inhumanly living in the physically difficult situations.

8.we want our self-driving car to be Inhumanly focused on the road, not obsessing over an argument it had with the garage.