Inhibiting Sentence Examples | Use Inhibiting in a sentence

1.Inhibiting or blocking the action of acetylcholine at a receptor site.

2.kinetics study of Inhibiting action of nacl and kcl on anaerobic sludge

3.palmitate also increased il-6 and sod2 gene expression, and this effect was prevented by Inhibiting nfb.

4.alleviating edema and Inhibiting inflammation of spinal cord is one of the mechanisms of this effect.

5.vertical resistance this act has had the effect of great Inhibiting vertical and horizontal mergers of large corporations.

6.the results showed that Inhibiting effects on escherichia coli vary remarkably for different kinds of tea.

7.the high cost of borrowing is Inhibiting investment by industry in new equipment.

8.growing pools of dangerously radioactive water and deposits of plutonium have been Inhibiting access to important parts of the plant.

9.the experimental results show that this algorithm detects the image corner exactly and plays a good role for Inhibiting noises.

10.again, the Inhibiting effect on microbial activity is associated with limiting the availability of water for microbial growth.

11.thus we regarded that resveratrol was one of the main active components in gkes on Inhibiting fas.

12.and that means some of the old structures that were Inhibiting their ability to progress have to be reworked.

13.the act of Inhibiting or the state of being inhibited.

14.conclusion: high concentration of adenosine promotes cell survival by Inhibiting cell proliferation.

15.but the scientists found that pre-incubation with egcg was capable of Inhibiting the production of these molecules.

16.this Inhibiting of flow oscillations adds stability to the combustion chamber.

17.preventing infection by Inhibiting the growth or action of microorganisms.

18.Inhibiting the dimerization of raf may therefore block its activation, thus stopping cancer cells from growing.

19.destroying bacteria or Inhibiting their growth.

20.lsd may act by Inhibiting the action of serotonin. this study, 14 extracts were found to be active in Inhibiting prostate cancer cells.

22.any accumulation should be periodically removed or at least minimized, to avoid Inhibiting heat transfer to the liquid.

23.that drug, which works by Inhibiting the cutting enzyme, began human clinical trials in the summer of2007. has an Inhibiting effect on inflammations and calms the skin.

25.objective to investigate the Inhibiting effect of curcumin on the apoptosis of human breast cancer mcf-7 cells.

26.a pharmaceutical composition and method for use in Inhibiting growth of cancer cells in a mammalian subject are disclosed.

27.conclusion qinggongliu pills has the effect of Inhibiting hyperplasia of uterus smooth muscle, analgesia and anti-inflammatory.

28.the simulation was able to predict how fluorescent protein expression varied with levels of promoter-Inhibiting chemicals.

29.they replicated the effects of the loss of mir-126 by increasing expression of spred1or Inhibiting vegf signaling.

30.this is due to plant growth by Inhibiting the result of various factors.

31.conclusion irbesartan reduces lipid oxidation induced by high glucose partially by Inhibiting oxidative stress and thus protects huvec.

32.our discovery proves that Inhibiting osteoclasts while simultaneously stimulating new bone formation can be done. fact, it sort of does the opposite, by gumming up the works and Inhibiting the metabolic process.

34.growth Inhibiting and promoting apoptosis of astragalus polysaccharides on gastric cancer cell

35.if the protein had a significant role in Inhibiting hiv, it would be expected that more people would be naturally immune.

36.exercise care that expressions of personal offense at the differing opinions of others not used as a means of Inhibiting dialogue.

37.the protective effect and the Inhibiting erk phosphorylation of carbachol were blocked by atropine.

38.keeping abdominal drainage unobstructed, using broad-spectrum antibiotic and Inhibiting pancreatic enzyme secretion can cure pancreatic leakage effectively.

39.objective the aim is to research the Inhibiting function and the mechanism of chansu to the cem cells.