Inflow Sentence Examples | Use Inflow in a sentence increase in the rate caused an Inflow of funds from abroad and a drop in the rate caused a flow of funds out of the country.

2.a direct numerical simulation for threedimensional gas-solid two-phase wake flow of a non-uniform Inflow has been carried out.

3.perhaps family affection is Inflow into each other's blood.

4.the implication seems to be that grasshoppers should at least benefit from an Inflow of often unrequited resources.

5.asset prices soar, borrowing increases and the capital Inflow grows.

6.a drop in exports, as well as capital Inflow, will trigger a falloff in investments.

7.the Inflow of foreign funds aroused concern from experts and government offices.

8.a cash flow statement is a reflection of the company in a certain period cash Inflow and outflow of cash dynamic status report.

9.however, he says producers might have to raise prices later this year if the peso strengthens because of the Inflow of reconstruction money.

10.a cash Inflow is of course the exact opposite; it is any transfer of money that comes into the company's possession.

11.the Inflow of cash has helped maintain the share prices of ftse 100 companies.

12.emerging economies are confronted with the pressure of massive capital Inflow, lagging domestic demand and rising inflation risks.

13.condensate dropout is widely existent in development of condensate gas pool, usually different from gas Inflow performance.

14.this can be useful in combination with an Inflow to prevent the whole domain from filling up.

15.the water Inflow increases with the change of permeability coefficient of surrounding rock or water depth above surrounding rock.

16.the temperature variations during a year have maxima at the poles, where the annual variation of the Inflow of solar energy is also maximum.

17.britain has enjoyed a strong Inflow of foreign direct investment. it has consistently attracted more than any other european country.

18.the swiss wanted to discourage an Inflow of foreign money.

19.water Inflow in long and large tunnel has intimate relationship with the feature of groundwater and rock mass.

20.the cash Inflow generated during the continuous use of the asset.

21.analysis of the effect of fdi Inflow on china different ownership's domestic investment

22.the impact of regional innovation system on fdi Inflow and spillover effect improve the flux of membrane distillation, a rotary tangential Inflow method is used to enhance the mass transfer process, and its numerical simulation and mechanism study have done.

24.financing, cash Inflow and outflow management and risk analysis. they resist pressure for currency appreciation and recycle the Inflow predominantly into us liabilities.

26.much of the Inflow in recent years has come from the huge build-up in dollar reserves by foreign monetary authorities, especially china. have no place in shopping malls in the Inflow of the pilot's breath, so you derive greater self-confidence.

28.these beliefs cut off the Inflow of money into countless lives-or slowed it to a trickle.

29.but the Inflow of funds allowed greeks to ignore structural economic problems.

30.we expect the Inflow of direct investment from china and elsewhere to increase.

31.flow from the high water level to the lower constitutes the Inflow or outflow from one basin to another. on the effect of Inflow of fdi in services on china's economic growth

33.these remittances do not reflect domestic demand or supply, but are more like a capital Inflow.

34.the Inflow is attracting new investment.

35.Inflow and outflow boundary conditions for the method were given t.

36.first of all, our country demands a higher technological content from the Inflow of capitals.

37.the estimation on the hot money scale of the Inflow amount fdi in china

38.the mechanism of our country macroeconomic shock by international floating capital Inflow results in immediate cash Inflow without creating any debt or transferring the business ownership.

40.epfr says the Inflow of money into all emerging market funds is up 14.2 per cent this year.