Inflame Sentence Examples | Use Inflame in a sentence

1.any such test would further Inflame regional tensions and follows pyongyang's warnings in recent weeks that it stands on the brink of open war with seoul. can Inflame a tense situation quickly if everyone is talking about it and word gets back to your manager.

3.although military forces have not clashed directly in the territorial dispute, past incidents involving private citizens have helped to Inflame it.

4.though we certainly weren't trying to Inflame or shock , we set of a wave of anger.

5.our lack of response seemed to Inflame the colonel. said the actions of the defense department will simply Inflame tensions.

7.but the prime minister countered that in his view an early poll could Inflame an already volatile situation.

8.the shooting has only Inflamed passions further. to identify long term sites for mid-stream operations insults only served to Inflame the feud.

10.such moves could challenge interests of the u. s. and saudi arabia and Inflame sectarian tensions across the middle east, they say. is also important to avoid asthma triggers-stimuli that irritate and Inflame the airways.

12.your dog's skin will Inflame and break the pieces with time. obama may fear an investigation could Inflame the kind of partisan divisions he has said he wants to avoid.

14.her question seemed to Inflame him all the more. attack on iran would further Inflame it. irritate or Inflame, as by chafing or sunburn. has no need as yet to respond to south korea's call to bring back us nuclear weapons, though this would Inflame pyongyang and beijing. .

18.the master of prose is not cold, but he will not let any word or image Inflame him with a heat irrelevant to his purpose. for mr obama, a president in a titanic struggle over health reform may find it dangerous to Inflame the israel lobby.

20.the testimony would Inflame the jurors, and lead them astray from the facts of the case

21.although some argue that a generalised burst of foreign exchange intervention could act as a global monetary easing, a more widespread view is that such a round of competitive devaluation is more likely to Inflame international tensions.

22.if they menaceisrael across the golan heights, israel will protect itself fiercely, which is sure to Inflame arab opinion.

23.but it can easily Inflame nationalistic tempers too.

24.i wish to dazzle-to bewilder-to Inflame her senses. president barack obama has said the release of more photos of prisoner abuse by us soldiers is "of no benefit" and may Inflame opinion against the us. mathematics, it can either Inflame passion or turn people off; but either way, you know you need to understand it.

27.excessively hot weather can dull the spirits or Inflame moods; a study by the chicago police a few years ago, for example, showed that sudden upward swings in temperature are usually associated with higher murder rates.

28.the test results showed that the mca compound Inflame retardant have good Inflame-retarding effect for hips.

29.the unstable region shows the potential of the economic downturn to Inflame simmering tensions.

30.he also wants to station government officials on uninhabited islands at the heart of the continuing territorial dispute with china, a step that would Inflame beijing.

31.other experts said the findings were also almost certain to Inflame a continuing debate over the widening use of antipsychotic drugs. far as finance is concerned mr obama has worked to moderate anti-business sentiment, not Inflame it. the germans the top monetary job would probably Inflame north-south divisions in europe.

34.but the repression was just harsh enough to Inflame protesters, not terrifying enough to scare them into staying home.

35.the master of prose is not cold, but will not let any word or image Inflame him with a heat irrelevant to his purpose. release substances that Inflame the air passages and cause them to contract.

37.more generally, small particulate matter and other pollutants in indoor smoke Inflame the airways and lungs, impairing immune response and reducing the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

38.but in the cities the escalating heat and rumors of distant revolution had begun to Inflame local tempers.