Inexcusably Sentence Examples | Use Inexcusably in a sentence

1.the defending has been Inexcusably bad at times. is the combination of these two deficiencies, combined with prejudice about emerging markets and Inexcusably deficient concepts of risk and uncertainty that lead to gradual allocation.

3.Inexcusably, the new government shut them down, apparently because they had been started under the old regime.

4.initially deemed a failure, the new design has since won over those who regard consistency as Inexcusably boring.

5.her heart misgave her that she had acted Inexcusably.

6.that was Inexcusably stupid, and will set back your plans quite a bit. perpetrate such an Inexcusably had piece of writing

8.but far fewer people get as exercised over the brainpower that is not being tapped in this country on account of an Inexcusably awful education system.