Inelastic Sentence Examples | Use Inelastic in a sentence

1.pharmaceutical drugs have an Inelastic demand, and computers have an elastic demand. the case of a completely Inelastic collision, there is no kinetic energy left in the center-of-mass frame.

3.and in the case of the completely Inelastic collisions that we have seen last time, we lost kinetic energy, which was converted to heat.

4.linear demand curves, except for those that are perfectly vertical or horizontal, have points on them that range from elastic to Inelastic and one piont that is unit elastic.

5.always in Inelastic collisions do you lose kinetic energy.

6.the law of 3d Inelastic seismic response of structures is always among the important problems in the seismic research field.

7.if i have a completely Inelastic collision, then all energy in the center-of-mass frame is lost. would make no difference if the bar deformations were totally Inelastic.

9.a measurement method of impact energy is proposed for the situations of perfect elastic collision and completely Inelastic collision. chapter two, the basic principle of the molecular orbits ab initio and the theory of the Inelastic scattering are presented. exercise device described is an Inelastic resistance device having a combination grip that includes hand grips and a loop.

12.nucleon structure and hyperon polarization in deep Inelastic lepton-hadron scattering cities with Inelastic supply, where speculation is possible, there was heavy use of ios, but only in cities that had boom-bust cycles.

14.simplified Inelastic deformation calculation method for stiffness degradation sdof system based on earthquake input energy

15.i now would like to return to the air track and do several completely Inelastic collisions with you.

16.since the yield (flow) stress of the material decreases, in general, with temperature, Inelastic deformation will most likely take place.

17.flexibility based finite element method for Inelastic seismic response analysis of reinforced concrete space frames; the framework of the distorted wave approximation, we discuss the differential cross section and polarization of antiproton-nucleus Inelastic scatterings at intermediate energies.

19.the displacement ratio spectra method is a simple and effective way to evaluate the maximum Inelastic displacements of structures.

20.all right, last time we talked exclusively about completely Inelastic collisions.

21.the bullet is allowed to make a completely Inelastic collision with a body of much greater mass.

22.we lose kinetic energy when there is a completely Inelastic collision. economic terms, addicts'cravings are Inelastic – they are relatively insensitive to cost.

24.the target displacement of each mode in pushover analysis can be obtained with Inelastic spectrums.

25.this foundation was not only vague but Inelastic.

26.therefore, the mvlem3d is suitable for global Inelastic analysis of tall building structure and performance based seismic evaluation.

27.the trap is loaded through Inelastic scattering of cold neutrons ( 11 k) with phonons in superfluid helium-4.

28.a relatively Inelastic rubber, made by vulcanization with a large amount of sulfur and used as an electrical insulating material.

29.relations between the Inelastic story drift of frame and deformation of members are studied.

30.Inelastic collisions among photoelectrons rapidly distribute their initially gained energy throughout the region of ionized gas. now we are back in26.100, and we're going to make a completely Inelastic collision.

32.something tells me you think shoes are Inelastic in both respects.

33.and we will have two cars that* now we're going completely Inelastic.

34.the Inelastic cross-section and the distribution of the number of wounded nucleons in proton-air collision have significant influence on the development of eas caused by superhigh energy cosmic rays. should also be familiar with momentum and kinetic energy for elastic and Inelastic collisions.

36.a new analysis method, lea method, in the proton Inelastic scattering has been briefly reviewed.

37.that's why a drug addict's demand is much more Inelastic than a beef eater's.