Individualized Sentence Examples | Use Individualized in a sentence

1.and it's not personalized, it's not Individualized to a individual person.

2.sports life style has distinctly Individualized features, whose construction must be realized through Individualized teaching.

3.this paper introduces the definition and characteristics of digital library, introduces several main modes of Individualized service of digital library, and points out the direction of Individualized service in the sustainable development of digital libraries. Individualized education program is then developed for the child by a team that includes the parents.

5.our diabetes education model should be adapted to the needs of different educated patients for Individualized teaching.

6.and teachers can only offer Individualized teaching to gifted students through practice.

7.research and implement of Individualized information service based on agent

8.research on Individualized study of intelligent network learning system

9.drake's president promised some sort of new approach, based on study abroad and Individualized online instruction.

10.swear planning is always endeavoring to provide every customer with a whole package of Individualized service solution.

11.because of the Individualized natures of its tumors, it is possible to completely remove all visible malignant tissue.

12.conclusion Individualized comprehensive treatment may yield good therapeutic effects for wilms tumor in children.

13.federal law requires public schools to help disabled students through special education services and Individualized programs.

14.model and strategies of developing web-based courses based on Individualized learning

15.the Individualized information service with the network resources is one of the important works of the library.

16.this paper introduces the architecture and the component technology of j2ee, and develops the reference service system which can meet better the needs of the Individualized service of readers.

17.application research of decision tree method in Individualized distance education system

18.since the second world war, under the influence of the humanistic psychology, Individualized teaching has sprung up.

19.the new english teaching mode emphasizes Individualized teaching and autonomous learning, initiating a change in the role of teachers.

20.moreover, our studies have great practical implications for job design and Individualized stress management.

21.this paper analyzes the connotations of humanization and Individualized service and the relationship between the two things, and advances some measures for the libraries to provide the humanized and Individualized services.

22.second, when it comes to talk about Individualized documentation, this bothers me a little bit.

23.objective to investigate the efficacy of Individualized nursing on reducing complications after artificial cardiac pacemaker implantation.

24.with advanced computers, learning can be Individualized and self-paced.

25.researches on heterogeneity can help better understand the pathogenesis, determine prognosis and provide theoretical basis for Individualized treatment. a time of serious homogenization of emcees, one important factor that prolongs emcee's vitality is his Individualized characteristics.

27.experiences in clinical teaching of plastic surgery for Individualized foreign students orthopaedics is outside his territory.

28.conclusion intervention with hand hygiene product, basic and Individualized education can promote icu hcws'compliance with hand hygiene.

29.dominant factor: taking into full consideration the needs of every olympic participant so as to meet his Individualized need.

30.selection of medication for treatment of seizures requires careful consideration and a multifactorial, Individualized evaluation.

31.the research and application of Individualized service technology based on educational resource center basic state and ideas are always considerably Individualized.

33.does the teacher take a lot of time to teach me individually in the Individualized teaching program?

34.this article analyzes the connotations of hybrid library Individualized information service and drive force, raises several modes of Individualized information service.

35."a more Individualized approach seems to work, " she added.

36.objective: to explore the effects of Individualized nursing on pregnant women and neonates.

37.the close links between vocational education and occupation requires that Individualized teaching be implemented in vocational education.

38.starting from the economic analysis on the Individualized information and the analysis on the difficult problems of Individualized information service, this paper probes into some countermeasures for realizing the Individualized information service, i.e.the library redesign.

39.experimental research on Individualized teaching system in basketball theory class