Indication Sentence Examples | Use Indication in a sentence

1.i cannot come to a decision about it now or even give any Indication of my own views

2.this is a much better Indication of what a school is really like

3.this is a clear Indication that i need to use design patterns here.

4.this is a good Indication that the tubes and rods may have to be replaced with longer ones.

5.there is every Indication that they will continue to be a basic part of every control engineer's tool kit for many years to come.

6.i think i got a pretty fair Indication of what he's like.

7.of course, the latter is an Indication of one of the most common problems: lack of any decent test coverage.

8.the silence on the front is the Indication of forthcoming attack from the enemy.

9.there is every Indication that the situation will take a favourable turn.

10.they left it open-ended' with an Indication of a willingness to loosen policy further rather than tighten, he said.

11.if she had noticed her father's entrance, she gave no Indication.

12.there is no Indication, however, that the company was trying to deceive anyone or that any kind of fraud was taking place.

13.police said there was no sign of a struggle and there was no Indication she ran away or someone took her.

14.there had been no Indication of either breathlessness or any loss of mental faculties right until his death. this case the Indication is that there are no differences.

16."we have no real Indication that the science of just a small amount [of] more fructose matters, " popkin says.

17.there had been no Indication of any loss of mental faculties. his whole life had nevertheless been clouded with a series of illnesses.

18.dark blues may be foreboding, or an Indication of worry or fear.

19.there seems to be every Indication that there will be an earthquake.

20.for one thing, mayr's concept did not give any Indication of how reproductively isolated a species had to be to qualify as a species.

21.all the Indications are that we are going to receive reasonable support from abroad

22.i nodded to him, but gave no Indication i spoke chinese. sure seems as if that kind of doom is imminent, at least if this whole iphone 4 pre-order situation is any Indication of future tragedy. Indication may have zero or more event triggers, which are recognitions of changes in state.

25.objective to investigate the surgical Indication and operative method of arachnoid cyst ( ac).

26.this is a good Indication of classes that have a high impact on coverage rate.

27.this report gives you a good Indication of velocity over time.

28.the overall ccn for a method is an Indication of its complexity.

29.this is by no means an exhaustive list but it gives an Indication of the many projects taking place

30.he searched hill's impassive face for some Indication that he understood

31.this is a good Indication that you are human.

32.this is the most definite Indication yet that the project is purely a technology one.

33.there is no Indication which way the vote could go sweep come from very hard, and his every action is a strong Indication of his boundless love for the profession. is also a strong Indication that contract-first design is to be preferred.

36.did he give you any Indication of his feelings?

37.a thermometer gives Indication of changes on temperature.

38.he gave no Indication that he was ready to compromise.

39.such a gap is usually taken as an Indication that money also is coming in from other sources.

40.m: i will do that. meanwhile, could you give me an Indication of the price.