Indicating Sentence Examples | Use Indicating in a sentence

1.gets the status of the drive, Indicating whether it is ready to be accessed.

2.this property returns a value Indicating the time the certificate was validated, expressed in local time.

3.a musical time signature Indicating two or four half notes to a measure.

4.ssl has received an error from the server Indicating an incorrect message authentication code.

5.if a request is not finished in this time, a result Indicating an exceeded timelimit will be returned. the first data Indicating sudden growth began emerging over the summer, many market observers chalked it up to refineries hoarding crude.

7.event viewer contains an event Indicating that this mode change has occurred.

8.represents the event code Indicating that an unclassified error occurred. will have a topic Indicating it's an email notification.

10.when dog bites dog, each gets a mouthful of fur--usually Indicating unjustifiable disputes. should see some output in the console Indicating that it compiled successfully.

12.are straws in the wind Indicating that peace is around the corner.

13.represents the event code Indicating that there was an error during the deserialization of a property.

14.( combining form) Indicating radiation or radioactivity.

15.Indicating or determining size and position in space.

16.i checked to see if the needle Indicating volume was oscillating.

17.fewer indians and coloureds have been showing up to vote, Indicating that many have not found a political home.

18.they had failed to recognise signs on their instrument panel Indicating a serious problem in the left engine.

19.mature: tasting term Indicating a wine that has aged sufficiently to be ready to drink at its best.

20.there is new research Indicating a link between neurological problems and bleeding disorders.

21.the increase slowed to 0.4 percent, possibly Indicating the start of a downtrend.

22.if the logon fails, return the information Indicating the driver has not logged in to the system.

23.the output of each issue-resolution subprocess is a flag Indicating what has been done to the transaction.

24.may for avoid these questions to these questions research analyses the appearance Indicating the direction.

25.and Indicating the registration number of the registration concerned and the change to be recorded. default the index is0, Indicating that the first section will be used.

27.gets or sets a value Indicating whether permission to execute code is declared.

28.researchers have unearthed documents Indicating her responsibility for the forced adoption of children

29.a response is then sent in json Indicating success.

30.unique duvet cover is clearly marked down the middle Indicating how much of the blanket is covering you.

31.i watched the video and saw nothing Indicating the danger to anyone.

32.sets/ returns value Indicating the number of files stored in the most recently used submenu.

33.gets a value Indicating whether the associated property of a custom profile implementation can be accessed if the user is an anonymous user.

34.on the curb in front of their house someone had etched a white mark, Indicating to fellow travelers that this house was an "easy mark. "

35.a blue sphere appears Indicating a breakpoint is set for this line.

36.currently the authproviderspecificid is composed from a type field, Indicating the type of entry and some id string. empty string Indicating that no user identity is specified by default.

38.the first lane is time, Indicating when this lock contention occurs.

39.var is a constant, Indicating that the package relates to variables.

40.the declaration of a field (member variable) can be prefixed with keywords Indicating the visibility, just as in languages like java and c#.