Indicated Sentence Examples | Use Indicated in a sentence

1.the method of connection is Indicated ( get), as well as the url to connect to.

2.he Indicated a chair. 'sit down.'

3.she Indicated that she would help her husband

4.their tattered clothing and broken furniture Indicated their poverty.

5.the temperature gauge Indicated that it was boiling.

6.results Indicated that total content of isoflavones exhibited a gradual decrease during pre-fermentation and salting.

7.the results Indicated that the extraction rate did not exhibit an obvious difference after distillation evaporation and rotary evaporation.

8.this outward mutability Indicated, and did not more than fairly express, the various properties of her inner life.

9.the research Indicated that there was a favorable relationship between the developed transportation and the flourishing market.

10.the results of accumulation Indicated that copper, zinc mainly accumulated in gill, liver and kidney. he Indicated to me that he was especially fond of the works of a taiwan woman writer, her style of writing was exquiste, he said.

12.opinion polls Indicated a feeling among the public that it was time for a change

13.beijing is Indicated on the map by a red star. rivers has Indicated that he may resign

15.ukraine Indicated that it would establish its own army, 400,000 strong.

16.his gesture Indicated a caution.

17.he also Indicated that the company's recent focus on china was just the beginning of its efforts there.

18.further analysis Indicated that many of these programs and projects had very poor context and definition.

19.the future development trend of modified ce was also Indicated based on some existing problems in modified process.

20.he Indicated to me that we could never be good friends again.

21.he Indicated a semicircle with a radius of about thirty miles.

22.china's long-term closed door was opened by the opium war and this Indicated the beginning of a sera of territory invasion of imperialism .

23.u.s. authorities have not yet Indicated their monetary policy plans.

24.the results of ir and dsc Indicated that ita took part in shell layer's polymerization reaction successfully.

25.the results Indicated that the equilibrium constants are not sensitive to both solvents and reaction temperature.

26.but fema on monday Indicated that it had sufficient cash reserves to sustain itself through the end of the fiscal year, friday.

27.he raised his glass and Indicated that i should do the same

28.the arrow Indicated the direction of movement.

29.real experiments have Indicated that this method has greatly improved the accuracy of measurement.

30.people close to the companies Indicated they expected the matter would be dropped.

31.this argument is bound to a parameter in the block, Indicated by' i'.

32.these facilitate the working table loading and unloading process; especially Indicated for heavy and big panels.

33.a survey of retired people has Indicated that most are independent and enjoying life

34.a pushed-in window Indicated unlawful entry. the Indicated layer lower than the basic stones'layer and blur it out with filter -blur -gaussian blur.

36.assumed location for carrying out engineering& design shall be Indicated.

37.speeches delivered by mr dewar and mr wallace Indicated their views were converging

38.the experimental result Indicated that adsorption and biodegradation actions are the main effecting factors in this study. former patient has already Indicated his intention to sue.

40.or " four is about to leave the service staff Indicated that they cannot bear most is endless to work overtime. "