Indicate Sentence Examples | Use Indicate in a sentence

1.u.s. authorities have not yet Indicated their monetary policy plans. should also Indicate the owner and intent.

3.rosy morning clouds Indicate rain, and a rosy sunset means fine weather.

4.the application manifest shown in listing 10 needs to Indicate that this service should be visible outside the osgi application.

5.he told us when to Indicate and when to change gear.

6.cut marks on an antelope jaw Indicate its tongue was sliced out with a sharp stone flake.

7.the needles that Indicate your height are at the top right-hand corner

8.we use a circumflex to Indicate an operator.

9.reports from the area Indicate that it was a bloodless coup

10.the ratio of fluoranthene to pyrene may Indicate that pah area was mainly from uncompleted combustion.

11.this Indicates whether remedies are suitable for children.

12.please Indicate whether you consider the above views sound or not.

13.if you were laid off in an across-the-board cutback, say so; otherwise, Indicate that the move was your decision, the result of your action.

14.dreams can help Indicate your true feelings

15.pelham moved across to Indicate a wall chart.

16.marks in the roadway seem to Indicate that he skidded taking a sharp turn.

17.the latest polls Indicate that the two main parties are neck and neck

18.the last figures so far this year Indicate a rise of 13.8%. todo_foreign, that would require two columns; the deletion date might be null to Indicate that the item is still active.

20.ballpark estimates Indicate a price tag of$ 90 million a month. each cell, Indicate whether you have collected the artifact's content and validated it with the users.

22.the card on a gyrocompass should Indicate the heading of the vehicle in which it is installed.

23.the bank says the market's benign attitude to risk may simply reflect a more secure financial world. but it might also Indicate complacency.

24.reported that the joint statement did not Indicate who for any reason the implementation of this large-scale killings.

25.the temperature gauge Indicated that it was boiling.

26.sem micrographs Indicate that there existed perfect interfacial adhesion between the surface layer and the substrate one.

27.his language Indicates a poor education. abnormal pap test could Indicate a precancerous condition that can be treated.

29.our vote today Indicates a change in united states policy

30.a proposal for a change in the law was defeated in parliament, and so the government decided to go to the country and let the electorate Indicate its views about the issue.

31.experimental results Indicate that the sealing capacity of bedding faults is so high that it greatly enhances that of its original rock.

32.initial results Indicate that the election result is going to be very close.

33.he Indicated a chair. 'sit down.' rivers has Indicated that he may resign

35.statistics Indicate visitors use a wide variety of browsers and platforms.

36.statistics Indicate that depressed patients are more likely to become ill than are normal people figures Indicate the recession may be easing up.

38.a survey of retired people has Indicated that most are independent and enjoying life

39.the results Indicate that the method possesses certain accuracy and is able to be used in operational forecast.

40.this Indicate that the systems are available.