Indicant Sentence Examples | Use Indicant in a sentence

1.conclusion it is the most valuable diagnostic Indicant to gist that cd117 and cd34 were positive.

2.mucopolysaccharide was a kind of natural molecular, which was basically consisted of aldoses linked by Indicant bond, and was almost found in all organisms including animal, plant and microbe.

3.observation of effectiveness of Indicant virus inactivation in f ⅷ concentrate by heat dry treatment at 80 ℃ for 72 hours this paper, the characteristic and functional mechanism of the surfactant was studied, and property of alkyl Indicant drilling fluid was evaluated also.

5.background: the Indicant of successful transplanted bone marrow stem cells is that the labeled transplanted cells can survive in the target organs and can their biological functions.

6.system of indicators of non-material services attach importance to the average index is supportted by the variable Indicant

7.laboratory study on alkyl Indicant drilling fluid

8.60 cases ( 120 eyes) with high myopia were observed for six years, author consider that the correct vision decline continually is the Indicant of progressiveness for high myopia and the declined figures is the rate of it.

9.there was significant difference in atp content between pregnant group and non-pregnant group, which Indicant that mitochondrial function was correlated with individual fertility.

10.the estimation of population value of statistical Indicant in multiple subject sampling

11.the effectiveness of virus inactivation in f ⅷ concentrate by heat dry treatment at 80 ℃ for 72 hours was observed, taking vsv, sindbis and polio ⅰ type vaccina virus as Indicant virus. addition, the total flavonoids extraction from panax notoginseng is mainly flavone and the its Indicant by analyzing for its coloration reactions.

13.the internal control is an important Indicant to measure the level of management of modern enterprise.