Indian Sentence Examples | Use Indian in a sentence

1.a few nights later when her daddy came in, jenny was sitting on her bed with her legs crossed Indian-style.

2.these exquisitely ornate boxes and cabinets have been handmade and hand-painted by Indian craftspeople.

3.his Indian robes contrasted oddly with his fluent english.

4.the programme is 90 minutes of dynamic Indian folk dance, live music and storytelling.

5.there is enormous, acknowledged and untapped potential in the Indian stock markets.

6.she was born at ambala, india, her family being closely connected with the Indian army.

7.he tensed as the big west Indian gripped his shoulder

8.their sole aim is to destabilize the Indian government.

9.american scientists and businessmen note enviously that religious and moral considerations do not seem to inhibit Indian biotechnologists.

10.the south american Indians have been cooking and eating potatoes for well over two thousand years.

11.the inn gift shop stocks quality Indian crafts and sundries.

12.the blanket signal was visible from far away. an Indian held the corners of a blanket in his hands.

13.the whole affair is bound to be taken into consideration when the Indian side is picked

14.the widow seemed intensely touched to hear the Indian's lament for her husband sung to its native melody.

15.she said she received a 'warm welcome' in her meetings with Indian officials, describing mr. mukherjee as 'a good friend. '

16.pakistan has still not issued an official rebuttal to the latest Indian statements.

17.facts do not seem to matter as some Indian media organisations believe that this is the best way to grab a larger market share.

18.she met people in london who were sympathetic to the Indian freedom struggle important step to be taken by the Indian government and the parliament is to pass liability legislation, he said.

20.sri lankans share a common ancestry with their Indian brethren.

21.q: there seem to be some tensions between india and china recently due to the visa issuance to an Indian military officer and other things.

22.the caste system shapes nearly every facet of Indian life.

23.the pact was expected to be signed by the two countries during secretary rice's visit to the Indian capital, but that did not happen.

24.the very basis of Indian politics has been transformed

25.Indian skins age far more slowly than american or italian ones. is a tale which has often been retold within west Indian literature.

27.all the Indian batsmen played well

28.a cyclone in the bay of bengal is threatening the eastern Indian states.

29.last friday she entranced the audience with her classical Indian singing.

30.the future quality of west Indian cricket looks promising

31.the owl is sacred for many californian Indian people.

32.we hiked the grand canyon, exploring Indian cliff dwellings.

33.he was one of the world's foremost scholars of ancient Indian culture

34.the novel is an intensely lyrical stream-of-consciousness about an Indian woman who leaves her family home to be married

35.the appeal in miller's pictures of Indian women is undercut at times by what the artist writes about them

36.he said in his autobiography that he would "always be a south african Indian" .

37.ludo is a version of an ancient Indian racing game

38.he married a young lady of Indian extraction.

39.they battled against other Indian tribes, but rarely fought with the whites

40.he said he wanted 'to establish a rapport with the Indian people'