India Sentence Examples | Use India in a sentence was a labour government which granted independence to India and pakistan

2.this is what India's central bank has been trying to do for a while and with very limited success.

3.border skirmishes between India and pakistan were common.

4.the british east India tea company was overextended and faced bankruptcy prices in India rose nearly 20% from a year earlier in early december, but a slowing rise suggested farm prices could be stabilizing.

6.many of these poems bear witness to his years spent in India and china

7.India has witnessed many political changes in recent years

8.candidates in India are advised to submit their applications through the overseas student office in london the british press is full of articles on India's new prime minister

10.India's myths and songs are the inspiration for her books

11.half of those who went east seem to have landed up in southern India

12.when china's "twelfth five-year plan" off the public stage, began to fall, start time, the twelfth five-year plan in India is also upcoming.

13.since the early 1990s, when India dismantled the "licence raj" and opened up to foreign trade, Indian business has boomed.

14.India while not racking up such an impressive score beat japan 3-0.

15.India has devalued the rupee by about eleven per cent

16.India had to struggle to beat defending champions south korea 2-0.

17.India is now in a better position to mobilise its forces

18.she was born at ambala, India, her family being closely connected with the Indian army.

19.he has almost certainly blown his chance of touring India this winter. India is trying to engineer advancement for its underclass through a vast and growing affirmative-action program. India and bali students learn to vocalize music before ever picking up instruments.

22.what blew their mind was the first one took place in India, it was the party of a hindu god.

23.these terms were favourable to India.

24.china borders on India in the southwest.

25.sri lanka's cricket team will play India in the final of the asia cup. any tourist, i was bowled over by India.

27.India is one part of the world i would go to at the drop of a hat.

28.some groups evolved from ones that had been fighting India in kashmir, but most were tribesmen who previously had not been active.

29.jane shoots down his request for her to marry him to accompany him on missionary work in India.

30.India and nepal have sorted out their trade and security dispute visit to India in 1986 left an indelible impression on me

32.he was born an untouchable in a very poor village in south India.

33.i had done enough after being recalled against pakistan to have got on the tour to India.

34.burma borders on India.

35.the contacts he made led him to outsource some architectural business to India.

36.she travelled to India after taking her a levels.

37.zte said it had been told by carriers that certain companies including itself had not qualified in India's security tests.

38.India's united nations ambassador said the situation is desperate